Watch the Money Heist Korea First Teaser – Know the Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Netflix has set the streaming platform on fire with its first trailer of Money Heist: Korea. The first half trailer confirms the coming of Money Heist: Korea soon, and the second half-session confirms the star cast.

The extraordinary crime thriller Money Heist was originally produced in Spanish under La Casa De Papel. The show is the most-watched crime thriller on Netflix.

Over time, there is a rise in the popularity of Korean drama, so makers have decided to bestow the viewers with something more entertaining and thrilling in the form of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.

We have gathered everything we know about the Money Heist: Korea, so continue reading,

Money Heist Korea Cast

The actors who are expected to be in heist include,

  • Park Hae-soo as Berlin
  • Jun Jong-seo as Tokyo
  • Lee Won-jong as Moscow
  • Kim Ji-hoon as Denver
  • Jang Yoon-Ju as Nairobi
  • Lee Hyun-Woo as Rio
  • Kim Ji-Hoon as Helsinki
  • Lee Kyu-Ho as Oslo

Money Heist: Korea Release Date

With a teaser of Money Heist: Korea, Netflix has announced that the show is under production and expected to release in 2022, but an official date has not been announced.

Money Heist: Korea Spoiler Alert

The Money Heist: Korea teaser begins with Yoo-Ji-Tae, who is looking over some documents. He then turns towards a wall, where several face masks are hung, including the Salvador Dali mask from Netflix’s Money Heist. But before he could grab, the scenes cut out. It could be an adaptation of changes for masks that will be use in the Korean version.

Kim Hong-sun is directing the series, and he confirms that the show will have a brand new story rather than a replica of the original Money Heist. The series will feature the same mastermind who works with a talented crew, and there is a possibility of many twists and turns that can make the audience stick to the series.

Stay tuned for more updates on Money Heist: Korea!

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