The Voice Season 21 Eliminations so Far – Who went Home and who made it Through

The Voice, an American reality show that hunts talented singers, has touched the sky of popularity whereby it has come up with their season 21. The first episode premiered on September 20, 2021. Since the day of its first streaming, it has gathered immense popularity in the audience. In March, this year, NCB promised to back with this extensively liked singing competition show with the star embedded judges array which includes Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, John Legend, Bake Shelton. Carson Daly is hosting the show this season. This critically acclaimed reality show sprawls a path or a platform for their contestants so that the right talent can be singled out and the country, as well as the world, gets the new singing sensation.

Season: 21

No. of contestants: 48

Premier Date: 20 September 2021 

Original Network: NBC

The journey of this exquisite heart-stirring show commenced in 2011 and since the day of its first release audience started to accept it, that takes its popularity upswing. This critically acclaimed show has stood upon the well-trained musicians serving as the magnificent coaches of the show. These coaches are the elixir to refurbish the contestants for the new journeys of their lives. There are the amazing ‘blind auditions’ performed by the contestants, which obstruct the vision of the contestants by turning their seats to their back and aiding them only to hear the voice so that they can merely judge the voice quality of the competitors. This is the earliest part of the show whereby the selection of contestants for the consecutive training sessions and performance is conducted.

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Voice Season 21 Episodes – Battle Round

The first episode of The Voice season 21, began its journey with a total number of 48 contestants. These 48 contestants had been selected in the “Blind Audition” rounds, which took a period of six episodes being aired on September 20, 2021, and drawing end on October 15, 2021. The battle round began to be streamed on the 11th of October, 2021 (7th episode). Only the two episodes of the battle round have been aired so far.

In these two episodes, only the selected contestants of the “Blind Audition” rounds have achieved the opportunity to prove themselves. Jershika Maple, the contestant of both of these two episodes, has lost the battle round but not kicked out of the show because the other coach has stolen this singer. Accordingly, she shifted from Kelly’s coach to John’s coach. Jershika lost the battle with a shoulder-to-shoulder completion with Jeremy Rosado, who was the winner of that round. Bella DeNapoli, Kinsey Rose, Lana Scott, and Samara Brown these four contestants were supposed to come at the verge of elimination but, they were saved by their coaches and overcome the instantaneous elimination. 

Voice Season 21 Eliminations

The two episodes (episode 7 and 8) of The Voice season 21 have come up with 11 battle rounds, each of which contained two contestants to impart the tough competition to the other in the round. Total six eliminations have happened in the journey of these two episodes. KJ Jennings, The Roy Reunion, Chavon Rodgers, Tommy Edwards, Carolina Alonso, and Vaughn Mugol were the six eliminated contestants so far of The Voce season 21. They were neither saved by their coach nor occupied by the other coaches of the show. 

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