Top Boy Season 4 Cast, Release Date and Plot – Everything we Know

Good News for Top Boy fans! The most anticipated series Top Boy Season 4 started streaming on Netflix after multiple delays due to an outbreak of pandemic. Here we have rounded up everything about Top Boy Season 4. Keep Scrolling.

Top Boy Season 4 Release date: When did it air?

The first episode of Top Boy season 4 released on March 18, 2022 on Netflix. The series consist of eight episodes. Enjoy watching the most anticipated series of the year.

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Top Boy Season 4 Cast: Who are in?

The cast list includes:

Ashley WaltersDushane
Kane RobinsonSully
Michael WardJamie
Simbi AjikawoShelley
Saffron HockingLauryn
Lisa DwanLizzie
Kadeem RamsayKit
Jolade ObasolaAmma
Araloylin OshunremiStef
Jasmine JobsonJaq
Hope IkpokuAaron (Jamie’s brother)

Top Boy Season 4 Plot

In the final episode of Top Boy, Jamie landed behind bars by taking the blame for his brother. Later, obtaining footage of Ats placing a backpack of guns in Jamie’s home, Dushane blackmails Jamie to work for him in exchange for footage and clear his name from or else go behind bars.

But, is Jamie trustworthy? From the past, if you can co-relate, Jamie overthrew Modie and Leyton to overpower ZT.

Ats betrayed Jamie’s brother Aaron and Stefan in the final episode. So, it left some room to step up the story more on how Jamie and his brothers will plan out this act.

Audiences can expect some romance of Dushane and Shelley in season 4. Additionally, the twist in the story will be, what would happen to both Jamie and Dushane’s gangs after the revelation of Lee and Sarah being undercover police officers. 

The teaser will blow up your mind where Dushane was seen fighting for raising power, to become the drug lord in Spain and Morocco. This season fans could expect new drug leads, gang war for raising in power, and the unfolding of many twists.

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