Top 7 Contestants in American Idol 2022 with Eliminations

America’s favorite singing reality show, American Idol, has given us many talented singers from its 20 seasons long run since 2002. The show has finally reached its 20th season, and there are only a few weeks left before we will meet the 20th American Idol winner.

The last week, the competition got real. And now we have our top 7 contestants. The show brought something new for the first time this season. Each contestant gets to choose three songs, one from each judge. However, the idols will not know which judge chose which song. It will be revealed after the performance.

Later in the show, in the elimination round, the contestants were cut to the top 7. So who was eliminated, and who are the top 7 finalist idols? Read the full article to know the complete list.

Who was Eliminated?

Now that we have our top 7 finalists, who has to go home? It was a very tight competition, and finally, the we had the final results.

  • Lady K
  • Emyrson Flora
  • Mike Parker

Who are the Final top 7 Idols?

Platinum Ticket winners Jay Copeland and Huntergirl will be on the list. But who are the other 5 ? Let’s take a look at the full list of all the top 7 final contestants who will be in the next round.

Top 7 American Idol 2022 Contestants

  • Christian Guardino, (21)
  • Fritz Hager, (22)
  • Huntergirl, (23)
  • Jay Copeland, (23)
  • Leah Marlene, (20)
  • Nicolina Bozzo, (18)
  • Noah Thompson, (20)

For the next episode, the theme has already been decided. The show will have Disneyland as its main theme, and all the ten contestants will sing Disney songs.

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