Top 5 Shocking Revelations made by Lockupp Contestants

Produced by Ekta Kapoor and hosted by Queen actress Kangana Ranaut, Lockupp is one of the most-watched reality shows in the country in recent times. The show, “Lockupp: badass jail, atyachari khel”, is entertaining people across the country. In this show, contestants have made some shocking revelations that leave people with open mouths. Let’s have a look at those revelations.

Lockupp Contestant: Munawwar Farooqui

It is well known that he has a love affair with Anjali Arora. Though he has a relationship with her, the stand-up comedian shocked everyone by revealing his secret marriage, and he has also revealed that he has a son and his son was the reason why he participated in this show.

Lockupp Contestant: Karanvir Bohra

Karanvir Bohra is a promising Indian daily soap actor. The actor said that he has not been doing well in his career for the last 6 to 7 years and he has been in debt since 2015 and is still working to pay it off. He has also revealed that there are 3 or 4 cases against him because he did not return the money.

Lockupp Contestant: Saisha Shinde

Shaisha is a well-known fashion designer in the television industry. She revealed a bitter truth about her past that filled up everyone’s eyes. She admitted that someone from her family had molested her at the age of 10, and only a few years later, she realised that she was being molested. She has also revealed that the molester was her family member and only a few years older than her. Everyone had a shock after knowing it.

Lockupp Contestant: Tahseen Poonawalla 

Tehseen is a former Bigg Boss contestant who has a promising fan base. Like other contestants on the show, he has revealed something dark about himself. He has revealed that a famous industrialist wanted him to sleep with his wife while he was sleeping. The industrialist had a strange wish, and he did not want a threesome, but he wanted only to see Tehseen. It was not only about the wish of the industrialist, but he also revealed that he had fulfilled the fantasies of the industrialist, which means he had done it.

Lockupp Contestant: Shivam Sharma

Shivam Sharma is another promising actor in the Indian television industry. In this game, he has revealed that once he had a sexual relationship with his neighbour, who was a divorcee. Not only that, but the lady was his mother’s friend, and for him, there is nothing wrong with being divorced. He also revealed that he wanted to help her with her sexual life and all of these happened 8 to 9 years ago when Shivam was in college.


Everyone has some secrets from the past, and it takes so much courage to reveal those secrets on camera, in front of the whole country. The contestants took the challenge and revealed their secrets, and shocked the country.

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