This Is Us Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Episode Spoilers and Predictions

The fans are not ready to bid goodbye to This Is Us now; still, the end is approaching faster. Season Five ended with a jaw-dropping climax letting the audience expect more twists and excitement in season 6. 

But still, with season 6 some big questions need answering; however, we can expect another major twist at the end of its finale. Perhaps the episodes must be tear-jerking.

Is the big three Kevin, Kate, and Randall will finally learn to overcome their traumas and build a more positive attitude towards their future? It will be worth watching the circumstances and their approach towards life this season.

Here is what to expect this season and when we can hit the screen to watch This Is Us season 6. 

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This Is Us Season 6 Release Date

This Is Us final episodes will air on Tuesday, January 4, on NBC in the US. We are predicting that, like other seasons this season will air on Prime Video; well, this has not been confirmed yet officially.

Fans had waited too long for the release of the season 5 episodes due to outbreak of COVID, but this new slot will run without disruption. In the final season 6, there will be 16 episodes. 

Spoiler of This Is Us Season 6: Expecting Plot

May be final season brings some tears to the eyes of fans, where we thought of watching the series for one time period but at the same time have a glimpse of another period. Season 5 drops some hints and spoilers for season 6. 

We saw Kevin happily preparing for his wedding vows with Madison at the beginning of the episode, but later in the episode revealed that the wedding doesn’t happen. The story was a flash-forward of four years. Later, Kevin was seen preparing for Kate’s wedding but not with Toby; she was getting married to her music teacher Boss Phillip.

Well, the story will take a significant chunk in the final season. However, in a flash-forward, you will see Nicky married to a mystery lady and things between Kevin and Madison seems quite amicable. The duo will be seen sharing twins. 

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The final season will answer are they (Kevin and Madison) learned to be cordial or are still in some capacity to get together. 

Pearson’s Rebecca’s degrading health seems to get worsen in the future episodes where she will not be able to recognize her son Randall. These emotional scenes will be quite difficult to watch. 

The creator Dan Fogelman has decided to tease the audience with some heart-wrenching moments in the final seasons. Besides, there will be more happy moments around in the show with Pearson ending up in a really good place. Hopefully, all three end up in a good place and surely live a happy idiot’s life. 

This Is Us Season 6 Cast

According to a buzz report whole Pearson family will be seen entertaining the audience in the final season that includes:

  • Milo Ventimiglia as Jack 
  • Sterling K Brown as Randall
  • Mandy Moore as Rebecca
  • Justin Hartley as Kevin
  • Chrissy Metz as Kate
  • Caitlin Thompson as Madison
  • Faithe Herman as Annie
  • Jon Huertas as Miguel
  • Eris Baker as Tess
  • Lyric Ross as Deja
  • Chris Sullivan as Toby
  • Susan Watson as Beth

But, you will also see Jack in flashbacks, who has died in a tragic house fire many years ago. However, you also expect Chris Geere as Phillip and Kate’s romance develops. 

If you haven’t watched the previous episodes of This Is Us go and watch on Prime video, and don’t forget to watch season 6 on January 4, 2022.

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