The Big Picture Show on Colors TV – Ranveer Singh to Grace the Silver Screen

Ranveer Singh is all set to make his silver screen debut with a game show India has never experienced before. Yes, entitled The Big Picture, the show is to air on Colors TV very soon. Auditions for it began from the 17th of July this year and the process was made completely hassle-free and simple for everyone who is longing to be a part of the show. Let’s take a look into what this brand new game show is all about, how and why it stands out from the rest of the game shows and how you can be a part of it.

The Big Picture Show Stages

Just by the name, you can already guess how pictures are an integral part of this show. To begin with, there are 12 stages of this game where a contestant is presented with some pictures on the screen and asked questions related to it. In the initial rounds, the contestant has to choose the correct answer for the question connected to the picture from the 4 options presented to him. In every stage of the game, the contestant wins a certain amount with which he can decide to leave at any time as he wishes to – at any stage of the game.

The Big Picture Ranveer Singh

Unlike a helpline or call a friend option like other game shows, here, the contestant gets the chance to take help from an audience watching the show from home. The helper can join the show through its official website and help out the fellow contestant. The contestant is allowed to receive help from three such audiences enjoying the show from the comfort of their home. But, here’s a twist to it. The contestant has to share his prize money with his helpers at the end. However, in one of the rounds, which is called All or Nothing, the contestant gets to keep it all for himself if he’s able to answer the question correctly. Otherwise, the prize money is to be equally divided among the people who help out the contestant.

In the 4th round, the contestant is presented with a glimpse of the Big Picture, and upon guessing it correctly, he/she gets to take home the grand total prize money without having to play all the 12 rounds. This is the riskiest part of the game, as upon coming up with the wrong answer, the contestant is immediately disqualified. But if the contestant is presented with more details and clues about the Big Picture in the 8th round so it also gives them the option to play safe.

The Big Picture Questions and Answers Show

Now that we know a little about the game show let us tell you why it is so unique. First and foremost, it is the concept of asking questions through pictures that is so new to the audience. This enables us to remain hooked to it and also keeps us brainstorming, constantly trying to connect the picture to the question to find the correct answer. General knowledge is definitely a must for participating in this show, but it also requires the contestant to act spontaneously and be in the moment while answering the questions. Moreover, it also connects the audience to the game by asking them to help out the contestant, so like this, we all become a part of the show. This feeling of inclusiveness for all is what makes it so unique and engaging at the same time.

The Big Picture Registration

Excited to be a part of The Big Picture? Well, all you gotta visit or open the Voot or MyJio app for registration. Post the swift online registration procedure, the selected candidates will be called in for an interview and that is the final step to your selection. That is how easily you can register for this amazing game show in no time!

In a nutshell, Ranveer’s new show, which will leave us all brainstorming in order to get the right answer, is to air very soon on Colors TV. The expected time for this show is said to be 8:00 PM (Indian Standard Time). We can’t wait to find out how it flourishes in the reality TV industry!

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