The Bachelorette Season 19 Contestants: Know about the Probable Suitors of Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia Starting this July 2022

Fans are eagerly waiting for the 19th season of the Bachelorette. This television show has huge popularity among the audience. In the 19th season, ABC is going to feature two women as the leads, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

The Bachelorette Season 19 Gabby Rachel

The Bachelorette Season 19 Release Date

Season 19 of the show will air on 11th July. Though the show usually starts in May, the 19th season will premiere in July, which is unusual. Last year we saw two seasons of the show. The first one started in May, featuring Katie Thurston, and the second one premiered in October.

Usually, the show starts in late May and ends in August. As the 19th season is going to premiere in July, we can expect this show to run until late September. 

The Cast of ‘The Bachelorette Season 19’

The two leads of this season are Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. We’ll also be able to watch Jesse Palmer as the host of the 19th season. 

Besides them, ABC has released the name of 35 potential suitors on Facebook who will be part of The Bachelorette. The names of 35 potential suitors are:

  • Alec G. from Houston
  • Aven J. from San Diego
  • Brandan H. from Carlsbad, California
  • Chris A. from Redondo Beach, California
  • Colin F. from Chicago
  • Corbin S. from Birmingham, Alabama
  • Erich S. from Santa Monica, California
  • Ethan K. from New York City
  • Hayden M. from Tampa, Florida
  • Jake R. from Scottsdale
  • James C. from Los Angeles
  • Jason A. from Santa Monica
  • Joey Y. from Brookfield, Connecticut
  • John A. from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Johnny D. from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
  • Jordan H. from Tampa, Florida
  • Jordan V. from Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Justin B. from Solana Beach, California
  • Justin Y. from Brookfield, Connecticut
  • Kirk B. from Lubbock, Texas
  • Koy S. from Scottsdale
  • Logan P. from San Diego
  • Mario V. from Naperville, Illinois
  • Matt L. from San Diego
  • Michael V. from Long Beach, California
  • Nate M. from Chicago
  • Nick G. from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Quincey W. from Miami, Florida
  • Roby S. from Los Angeles
  • Ryan M. from Boston
  • Spencer S. from Chicago
  • Termayne H. from Naperville, Illinois
  • Tino F. from Playa del Rey, California
  • Tyler N. from Rio Grande, New Jersey
  • Zach S. from Austin, Texas

Bachelorette 2022 Spoilers

Though Steve Carbone has not revealed any spoilers yet, in his recent blog post, he has written, “In terms of locations, one place I heard they were going this season was Paris.”  So, we can have an idea that the 19th season is going to be shot in Paris.

On the other hand, there was a rumor about the team of season 19 possibly shooting onboard a cruise ship. Steve stated that nothing is confirmed about this rumor, but he has also added that this time it will be something new and different that the fans haven’t seen before on the show.

The fans are eagerly waiting for the premiere date as it is expected that this time, this show is going to be more exciting and entertaining. Viewers have expectations from the cast and the directorial team. Hope the team will fulfill the expectations.

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