The Bachelor Season 26 Contestants, Who went Home, Who Wins and Everything we Know

When it comes to reality shows about love, The Bachelor is one of the first that springs to mind. Indeed, it is one of the oldest shows still on the air, and it continues to draw a large number of live viewers. It is still ABC’s top reality show in the demo, and total audience numbers aren’t far behind.

Clayton Echard’s hunt for love as the star of Season 26 of The Bachelor officially began on January 3, but, as is always the case on everyone’s favourite all’s fair in love and on the reality TV show, not all of his romantic hopefuls made it beyond the first night.

So, which contestants were evicted—or not?!?—in week 2? Find out if Clayton Echard sent anyone home on The Bachelor Season 26 and who does he end up with.

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The Bachelor Season 26 Host

Jesse Palmer, a former NFL quarterback and The Bachelor season 5 lead, will host Season 26 for the first time. He’s since served as a college football analyst for ESPN and as the anchor of ABC’s short-lived reality series The Proposal.

The Bachelor Season 26 Contestants

ABC announced 33 women as prospective contestants for Clayton’s season of The Bachelor in September. Here’s a list of their names, ages, and places of residence:

1Breanna G28San Diego
2Cassidy T26Cave Creek
3Claire H28Virginia Beach
4Daria R24Baldwin
5Eliza I25Berlin
6Elizabeth C32Highlands Ranch
7Ency A28Burbank
8Gabby W20O’Fallon
9Genevieve P26Rehoboth
10Hailey M26Orlando
11Hunter H28Lake Wylie
12Ivana N31Snellville
13Jane P33Los Angeles
14Jill C26Scituate
15Kara G30Cincinnati
16Kate G32Clarksville
17Kira M32Greensboro
18Lindsay D27Warner Robins
19Lyndsey W28Orange
20Mara A32Cherry Hill
21Marlena W30Virginia Beach
22Melina N27Los Angeles
23Rachel R25Chicago
24Rianna H26Mount Pleasant
25Salley C26Greenville
26Samantha J26Dayton
27Sarah H23Spartanburg
28Serene R26Oklahoma City
29Shanae A29Sycamore
30Sierra J27Oklahoma City
31Susie E28Virginia Beach
32Teddi W24Redlands
33Tessa T26Stamford

Who Did Clayton Echard Send Home in Episode 2 Of The Bachelor Season 26?

The evening began with 22 women and ended with 22 as no one was sent home! Of course, the episode ended on a dramatic cliff-hanger.


Sierra Jackson drew Clayton aside at the night’s cocktail party and told him that Cassidy had a guy back home with whom she’d been hooking up and that she wanted to meet up with him again when shooting was almost over. Clayton concluded the episode by asking presenter Jesse Palmer that Has anyone ever returned a rose before? So there you have it.

Who Does Clayton End up With?

Since the finale was only recently recorded, there’s no word on which of Clayton’s final four females he ended up with or someone else—you never know what may happen on set! More specific details are still TBD for now.

Stay tuned for more information on Clayton’s love journey, and check in to ABC every Monday at 8:00 p.m. EST for new episodes of The Bachelor.

The Next Episode of The Bachelor Season 26

The next episode will run on Monday, January 24, because ABC will be pre-empting The Bachelor on January 17 to broadcast an NFL playoff game.

We hope that the next episode of The Bachelor Season 26 will be more surprising.

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