Survivor Season 41 Cast Bios, How to Watch Online, Spoilers, and more

Hello readers! Are you all excited to meet up with the new contestants of Survivors or waiting eagerly for survivors telecast season 41? Well, you have landed at the best place to unfold the secrets of Survivors and start predicting who will win the $1m prize. The upcoming season will be a blast where contestants will be seen to beat off on a desert island and play to win food, build shelter and create fire to keep the food warm. The show will take a test of the mental and physical abilities of contestants by challenging them with unbeatable tasks. 

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Survivors Season 41 Host 

There may be a change of contestant every year, but the host will be one evergreen man i.e., Jeff Probst. Probst is hosting the show since its debut in 2000. 

Survivors Season 41 Cast 

There are 18 new players in this season. Check out the list given below: 

Brad Reese, 50

Brad Reese is a spontaneous, practical, and patient pilot who enjoys flying. He loves living life with the edges and would nearly die from a rattlesnake bite. He wants to play like former player Boston Rob in the game as he is impressed by his thoughtful strategic play. 

Danny McCray, 33

He has lined up the survivors season 41 and was an Ex-NFL player before. After leaving football, the 33-year old comes out of retirement to play the reality show. And he hopes to play the game till the end zone. 

David Voce,35 

He is a Neurosurgeon residing in Chicago. He is proud to be a surgeon treating plenty of brain cancer patients. David would like to play like Russell Hantz as he was aggressive but was also impressed with a social game of Todd Herzig. 

Deshawn Radden, 26

He is a medical student who loves making music and playing tennis. He is likely to play like Cirie Fields, who was socially and mentally strong. Deshwan feels like he has the magical recipe that will make him the winner. 

Eric Abraham, 51

He is a Cyber security analyst residing in san Antonio who loves Basketball and golfing. He would like to play with a strategy like Richard Hatch and Wendell Holland with a touch of Boston Rob, former contestants of survivors.

Erika Casupanan, 32

She is a communication manager currently living in Toronto. She loves traveling, boxing and fitness. Erika follows up pop culture with fun and fearlessness. Erika is passionate about all her doings and the proud moment was paying off the loan of her student at the age of 27 that was decided to pay at 30. She has been dazzled with the game of Brenda, who was physically strong and socially aware. 

Evvie Jagoda, 28

He is a Ph. D student residing in Arlington and loves Cooking, biking, hiking, campaign, and swimming. In February 2019, he was featured in an episode of the podcast Radiolab. 

Genie Chen, 46

She is a grocery clerk residing in Portland. She loves cooking, video games, and antique shopping. Genie got hustle awards when she was 15 years old. Genie believes in her game and not going to follow any other player strategy or tactics. 

Heather Aldret, 52

She is a home mom living in Charleston, S.C. She loves painting, tennis, and pickleball. Heather is impressed with the strategy of Rick Devens, who was a fun adventurous person. However, she also loves the kindness of Lisa Whelchel. 

Jairus Robinson, 20 

He is a college student living in Oklahoma City, Okla. He is athletic and was a two-time state track champion with five-minute miles running and pole vaulting. Jairus loves to play like survivors winner, especially Parvati, Fabio, and Jeremy Collins. 

Liana Wallace, 20 

She is a college student currently residing in Washington D.C. She loves dancing, running, and writing poetry. Her proud moment is when she was invited to perform spoken word for Congressman John Lewis for a non-profit organization.

She would like to play the game like former contestant Tony Vlachos. Liana is impressed with the minimized risk ability of his game tactics. She believes that by winning the show, she can prove the physical and emotional game of odds. 

Naseer Muttalif, 37

He is a sales manager who grew in poverty and sold vegetables on the street for his company. He is sure that he will create something refreshing and new to his personality.

Ricard Foye, 31

She is a flight attendant with the deaf in one ear. She is impressed by the former contestant of Aubry Bracco. 

Sara Wilson, 24

She is a healthcare consultant residing in Boston, Mass. She has a sweet side, but when it comes to fighting a tough situation, she is the strongest one. Kim Spradlin is her hero from past survivor season. She was impressed with Kim playing the game as the strongest contender who was kicked out in the immunity challenge. 

Shantel Smith, 34

He is a pastor by occupation and presently lives in Washington, D.C. He is impressed by the game of Kim, but he also sees some Parv in him. 

Sydney Segal, 26

Being a law student and confident, she was born in Los Angeles, California. She has been proud to be a California state champion in cross country. Sydney would like to play like Natalie White, who was able to assess her place on her tribe with amazing social awareness. She admires her athletic personality and believes she had an amazing Survivor IQ. 

Tiffany Seely, 47

She is a teacher residing in Plainview. She has raised her two sons with love who has grown young men with honesty and empathy. Tiffany is impressed with Ozzy but also would like to play with loyalty like Colby. 

Xander Hastings, 21

He is an adventurous app developer and loves to climb. He lives in Chicago. Xander is impressed by beast charmers Jay, Joe, and Devon. He loves to use physical powers in play as a strategy. 

How to watch Survivor Season 41 online

Many OTT platforms stream CBS shows. These platforms include Fubo TV, Hulu+, Paramount+, Live TV, and YouTube TV. However, these streaming platforms will air the show a day after it is aired on TV. But, the subscriber of this platform can watch the show on the same day of its telecast on TV.

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