Super Singer Winners List All Season 1 to 8

The famous Tamil reality show-Super singer recently completed season 8. Season 8 was first aired on 24 January 2021 and was first started in 2006. The show has progressed a lot with the single aim of finding the most talented singers in South India. All the season winners till now are currently working as famous singers in various South Indian cinema industries. Let us take a look at all the Super Singer winners list.

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Super Singer Winner Season 1

The first season of Super Singer was a grand hit. It was started in the year of 2006 and is still successful as one of the top-rated reality shows in South India. The winner of Super Singer Season 1 is Nikhil Mathew from Kerala. He is currently working as having a great career as a singer in the music industry. His first song as a playback singer was “Bheema”.

WinnerNikhil Mathew
Runner up & Viewer’s ChoiceAnitha V. Karthikeyan
Jury’s ChoiceSowmya Mahadevan

Super Singer Winner Season 2

The Super Singer of season 2 is won by Ajeesh. He won the Super Singer championship in 2008. After his grand victory in Super Singer season 2, he won a chance to sing in a movie named Goa. Later he sang in many South Indian movies.

2nd Runner-upRenu

Super Singer Winner Season 3

The winner of Super Singer Season 3 is Sai Charan. Season 3 of Super Singer was first aired in 2010. It was one of the most famous seasons of the Super Singer. Later, Sai Charan got the opportunity to sing in the film “Sattai”.

Winner & Viewer’s ChoiceSaicharan
Runner-upSantosh Hariharan
2nd Runner-upSathya Prakash

Super Singer Winner Season 4

The winner of Super Singer Season 4 is Diwakar. Season 4 of Super Singer was first aired in 2013. It was a season of full competition. Along with winning 75 lakh villa, he also got a lot of singing opportunities after his grand success in season 4.

Winner & Viewer’s ChoiceDiwakar
Runner-up and Judge’s ChoiceSyed Subahan
2nd Runner-upSarath Santosh

Super Singer Winner Season 5

Anand Aravindakshan is the winner of Super Singer Season 5. He is both a talented as well as a hardworking singer. Later he got to sing in many other Tamil movies such as Kodi and Lakshmi.

WinnerAnand Aravindakshan
2nd Runner-up & Judges’ ChoiceRajaganapathy

Super Singer Winner Season 6

The winner of Super Singer Season 6 is Senthil Ganesh. Season 6 of Super Singer was first aired in 2018. He later excelled in the singer career by singing in many famous Tamil movies.

WinnerSenthil Ganesh
2nd Runner-upMalavika

Super Singer Winner Season 7

Murugan is the winner of Super Singer Season 7 of 2019. He is a rural singer with one of the most beautiful voices. After his victory, he got an opportunity to sing with Anirudh Ravichandran.

2nd Runner-upPunya

Super Singer Winner Season 8

Sridhar Sena is the winner of Super Singer Season 8. This is the recent season that was held in 2021. He just won the competition and is excited to join the music industry.

These are all the 8 season winners of Super Singer. All of them are having great careers in the music industry. Well, it doesn’t stop here. Let us all keep waiting for the Season 9 update.

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