Sistas Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, – How To Watch Tyler Perry’s Show

Sistas is a modern comedy-drama series that has gained huge popularity among viewers. Written and directed by Tyler Perry, The ups and downs of a group of black women in different aspects of life are taking the viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions, grief, and realizations. 

However, despite releasing the 3rd season at the end of December 2021, BET managed to put season 4, episode 1 on air in the first week of 2022. The trailer revealed some hints of this upcoming season, such as Zac’s (played by Devale Ellis) upcoming legal issues and Fatima (Crystal Renee Hayslett) threatening Hayden (Chris Warren).

Here’s what you have to know about season 4 of Sistas. 

Sistas Season 4 Release Date

Just after two weeks of releasing the last season, Sistas 4 episode 1 has released on  Wednesday, January 5 on BET. The first episode of the season has released on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET. Upcoming episodes will release weekly on that same day, same time. It means viewers can see the 2nd episode of season 4 on Wednesday, January 13. 

Sistas Season 4 Cast

The cast of Sistas season 4 include 

  • KJ Smith – Andi
  • Mignon – Danni
  • Ebony Obsidian – Karen
  • Novi Brown – Sabrina
  • Crystal Renee Hayslett – Fatima
  • Devale Ellis – Zac
  • Chido Nwokocha – Gary
  • Anthony Dalton II – Calvin
  • Brian Jordan Jr. – Maurice
  • Kevin A. Walton – Aaron
  • Trinity Whiteside – Preston

Fans may have to say bye to two important characters in season 4 who are 

Hayslett (Fatima) and Ellis ( Zac). 

Trailer of Sistas Season 4 

Sistas season 4 trailer has revealed some exciting hints about the season and promised more drama in the upcoming season. The trailer gives us some hints about what we can expect from the upcoming season. It shows Karen dealing with her pregnancy and at the same time, she is worried about Zac as she doesn’t want the father of her child to go to prison. It is not 100% certain whether Zac is the father of Karen’s unborn child or not and this mystery will be revealed with time. On the other hand, the trailer gives some hints about a new love interest for Sabrina. Last but not the least, viewers can also expect to watch Danni and Preston falling out over El Fuengo. 

We can say that season 4 is going to deliver a mixed feeling to the viewers and is going to be more interesting. 

How to Watch Tyler Perry’s show? 

You may have questions about where you can watch this famous comedy-drama show. After being released on BET, the episodes get available on the network’s website and application. You have to sign in with your TV to watch the episodes. You can also watch the episodes for free. For this, you have to sign up for a free 24-hour pass to the service by enrolling your email ID and date of birth. 

Ending words 

The struggles of this group of black women with their profession, love life and even on social media platforms are not only a cocktail of emotions but also has an underlying message for a society that we still need in this advanced era. This show has a different fan base and we can expect an incident-packed storyline in season 4 of Sistas. 

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