Shark Tank India Episode 21 – SID07 Designs – What happened and the Recommendation by Sharks

Shark Tank India is a popular show airing on Sony Liv. The audience and fans love the show due to the unique approach of Sharks dealing with every pitch.

In the recent episode of Shark Tank India, Siddharth Gupta, the CEO and Co-Founder of Sid07 Designs came from Jammu to pitch his idea. Rejected from IIT, the guy has made 11 inventions so far that add value to day-to-day life. Among 11 inventions, 2 are patent, and 3 have pending patents.

Shark Tank India Episode 21: SID07 Designs – The Products

The products designed are a drill duster, a foldable silicon cup that can be folded to shape a smartphone, power tools, domestic hydraulic, desk organizers, and more. He pitched his idea by giving 10% equity of his company in exchange for Rs 47 lakh.

Sharks gave a turn around to the entire concept by sharing some suggestions and real facts around his inventions and the whole idea. They suggested Siddharth to not to be self-obsessed with his inventions, and should have rather focused on one product and make it big. Sharks also made a comment that few of his products are either already available in the US market or on the Alibaba website.

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Shark Tank India Episode 21: Who Invested and Who is Out?

Ashneer announced to be out of that deal, adding that this is nothing, just a game, and advised Siddharth to go back to Germany and get a job. From there, he can learn about how engineering company works. He is just wasting his time here.

Vinita also got out of the deal as she found no potential in his inventions, but Peyush could co-relate his journey with himself and offered Rs. 25 lakh in exchange for 75% equity. Besides, Rs. 22 lakh would be given to the company as debt, which that company will payback.

But, Peyush wanted Sidharth to work only on one product, which means Peyush will give him a problem, and Siddharth will solve that problem with his quality to invent any product.

Later, Aman counter-attacked his deal by offering Rs. 25 lakh in exchange for 65% equity and said Peyush is not investing in your company but giving you a job of Rs. 25 lakh.

Siddhartha took some time and locked the deal with Peyush Bansal.

Other Sharks wished him All the Best for his future and requested to have no hard feelings with them.

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