Outer Banks Season 3 Release in News – A Relook at the Season 2 Cast, Plot on Netflix

After the grand hit of Outer Banks season 1, the makers have back with Season 2 of Outer Banks giving answers to the cliffhanger, and notably, Sarah and John B have survived the storm journey. If you have already watched Season 1 of Outer Banks, you must know that John B was caught in a murder case, and while fleeing away from the police, the group was stuck in a storm.

The most awaited news: Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date

If you want to unearth the whole story of John B and their treasure, keep reading this article.

Outer Banks Season 2 Cast

Chase StokesJohn B Routledge
Madelyn ClineSarah Cameron
Rudy PankowJJ Maybank
Madison BaileyKiara Carrera
Jonathan DavissPope Heyward
Charles EstonWard Cameron
Drew StarkeyRafe Cameron
Caroline ArapoglouRose
Austin North Topper
Carlacia GrantCleo
Elizabeth MitchellC. Limbrey
Jesse C. BoydRenfield
Nicholas CirilloBarry
Julia AntonelliWheezie
Deion SmithKelce
Jontavious JohnsonStubbs
Terence RosemoreCaptain Terence
Cullen MossShoupe
Chelle RamosDeputy Plumb

Outer Banks Season 2 Plot

In the Season 1 of Outer Banks, it was seen that the boat was caught in a storm letting some deaths, but noticeably in season 2 of Outer Banks, Sarah and John B both survive the storm. The couple reunites again and with the help of Pogues restart their hunt for $400 million gold and also clear the name of John B from the murder. They also find the Cross of Santo Domingo.

In the second season of Outer Banks, this new story of Cross was introduced, which is a seven-foot gold worth $100 million and holds some supernatural healing powers. However, the real treasure of gold that in first season was shown that the gold is buried under some house or lock of Denmark Taney. The Pope’s family holds the key to this treasure.

In this season, you will see many new faces; one of them is Cleo, who helped Sarah and John B escape from the Bahamas and later team up with them. Ward and Carla Limbrey joined hands, and Limbrey is desperate to have the cross as she has some mysterious disease that needs to be healed.

The show will end on a cliffhanger showing that ward has staged a fake suicide to protect his family from murderous ways.

The makers have hinted at season 3 of Outer Banks with cliffhangers showing that Big John is still alive. The teenagers, left on a deserted beach in the Carrabian sea island, develop the romance between these stories.

John B and Sarah will continue their fake marriage. Some budding romance will be seen between JJ and Kiara. Pope and Cleo will have a new romance who would love to live a beach life together.

The biggest shock for the viewers in season 2 is that Big John is not dead. Limbrey knows the fact that Big John is alive and not so healthy. Limbrey and Big John will be seen dealing with each other that in exchange for Cross she will keep John B safe.

The Outer Banks Season 3 would be a highly emotional reunion of John and his father. The third season would be an interesting one that will depict Pogues, Big John, and Limbrey fighting with Ward and the Camerons to get back the gold and cross.

It would be really exciting to watch if the teenager and Pogues end up getting gold or not?

You can watch the Outer banks season 2 streaming on Netflix.

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