Most Memorable Dancing with the Stars Moments – DWTS 2022

After 12 weeks of live dances, Nina Carberry and Pasquale La Rocca have been crowned the ‘Dancing with the stars champions’ for 2022. There were ample moments when stars broke down, and tears rolled from the eyes, but the glittering trophy still attracted everyone.

Here we have rounded up some memorable moments of the series, from Nina Carberry’s lift gone wrong to Matt MacNabb and laura Nolan’s kiss.

Highlights of Dancing with the Stars 2022 Moments

DWTS Moment: Exit of Cathy Kelly from the show

Well, the best-selling author was stunned and disappointed at the same time when she got departure orders in the first elimination.

After the announcement of her marching, she said, “It has been an amazing experience. But someone has to go, but it’s better than one young person going. Somehow I have let him (dance partner Maurizio Benenato) down. He is such an amazing teacher. I feel I have failed in some way.”

DWTS Moment: Shocking exit of Missy Keating on her 21st birthday

It was shocking for judges and fans when Ronan Keating’s daughter Missy was eliminated from the show on her 21st birthday.

The model and pro Ervinas Merfeldas lost a dance-off to Erica Cody and pro Denys Samson which means she was eliminated from the show. Well, she broke into tears but has planned a party on Dublin’s Leeson Street to celebrate her milestone birthday post-show.

DWTS Moment: Grainne Seoige was injured mid-season

The celebrities leave everything behind, from comfort to hunger, on the dance floor, and this season Galway-born presenter Grainne was unable to walk after an injury mid-season.

Johny and Grainne couldn’t rehearse properly and scored only 13 points. Brian Redmond commented, “It’s unfortunate that hip action was missing, just made it a little more cubic zirconia- a little more polishing needed on that diamond.”

Loraine Barry stated, “My question is, is the injury stopping you from releasing the hips? That’s what’s missing here?”

But fans were outraged with the judge’s comments when they criticized Grainne’s hip action.

DWTS Moment: Aengus MacGrianna revived his iconic makeup faux pas

The retired RTE newscaster revived his makeup faux in a special Anchorman-inspired performance. Due to some technical issue, a decade ago, Aengus was caught up on air with his makeup, and applying foundation on his face went viral online.

And viewers were left speechless and burst into laughter when he recreated the blunder with partner Emily Barker.

However, Aengus failed to entertain the judges.

DWTS Moment: Nina Carberry caught in a tricky situation with her dress

It was a shocking moment for Nina Carberry and partner Pasquale La Rocca when Nina’s dress got stuck mid-left during dedication week. Despite a slight slip, the popular partnership won praise for their performance from judges Loraine and Brain.

DWTS Moment: Deny’s speaks up about the war between Ukraine and Russia

Denys Samson broke down in tears when he spoke out about Russia invading his native Ukraine. He says, “my family, my friends all are there, and we will stay strong; we will not give up.”

The RTE shows judges and his fellow dancers, and audience members gave the dancer a standing ovation and prayed for his family and friends in Ukraine.

This year Dancing with the stars platform was mixed with various emotions, laughter, and breaking down, but all contestants performed well, giving so much enthusiasm and entertainment.

Some memories fade away with time, but these memorable moments are locked up at the stage of Dancing with the Stars 2022!

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