‘Mo’ Starring Mo Amer Release Date, Cast and Plot

“Mo Amer” comes with a package full of Comedy and Entertainment. Isn’t it?

Well! Netflix has announced the debut of the new comedy series “Mo” by dropping some first look photos ahead of Mo Amer’s appearance in “Netflix Is a Joke Festival” taking place from April 28 to May 8 in Los Angeles. The heartfelt comedy is created by comedians ‘Mo Amer’ and ‘Ramy Youssef’.

The upcoming comedy series is executive produced by Ravi Nandan and Hallie Sekoff for A24, Harris Danow, Luvh Rakhe, and series director Solvan “Slick” Naim.

Here we have compiled every detail of the upcoming show. Let’s scroll down!

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‘Mo’ Cast: Who are in?

The upcoming comedy series brings Mo Amer and Ramy together, and if you enjoyed Ramy on Hulu, for sure, you gonna love this show. Amer will be seen playing Mo Najjar, a Muslim cousin of Ramy. Other cast includes Teresa Ruiz (Maira), Farah Bsieso (Yusra Najjar), Omar Elba (Sameer Najjar), and Tobe Nwigwe (Nick).

Mo plot: What could be expected from the storyline?

An official synopsis states, “Mo is a comedy series that will melt the audience’s heart starring Mo Amer as Mo, a refugee who works hard to provide everything to the people he loves. Mo will have a supportive girlfriend, Maria, who is also a businesswoman, but she doesn’t compromise her independence for the sake of Mo’s love.

An official synopsis by Netflix

‘Mo’ is based on the real-life of ‘Mo Amer’ spiced up with some comedy and drama. It centers on Mo, who is caught in between two cultures, three languages, and a ton of bullshit. ‘Mo’ is a Palestinian refugee whose mother, sister, and older brother flee to Houston while trying for US Citizenship. Laughing at the pain, Mo learns to adapt to his new world, although advancing in life comes with some setbacks.

Mo Release Date: When will it premiere?

You don’t have to wait much for Mo Amer’s comedy in Mo, as it is about to release on August 24, 2022. The upcoming show will have 8 episodes of 30 minutes long each.

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