Master Chef India Season 1-6 Winners List

Hey, do you love to watch the show depicting many kosher chefs under one roof fighting to deliver the best taste in their food in a limited period? Of course yes! Right, the tasty food excites everyone’s taste buds. You can’t eat the food of your Masterchef but seeing their colorful food increases your appetite. Okay! Jokes apart here is are the list of all-time winners of the show. Keep scrolling to know all about Masterchef winners. 

No. of seasons: 6

Network: Star Plus

Release Date: 16 October 2010

Master Chef India is the most-watched reality competitive show to be watched by people all over India. This show is a version of Master Chef Australia. This show was premiered on 16th October 2010 on the entertainment channel Star Plus. The participants of this competitive cooking show come from different parts of India and they compete with each other to win the apparel of the winner of Master Chef. After the show is over, the winner got many opportunities from the seven and five-star restaurants to work as a chef. 

Master Chef Season 1 Winner: Pankaj Bhadouria 

Pankaj Bhadouria became the winner in the year 2010. She was an active personality who began her cooking career with Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka. She also appeared as a judge in the show Sales Ka Bazigar. She has made many guest appearances in various shows. Apart from this, she was in Maa Ki Rasoi show. She owns a café in Lucknow i.e., Café by Default. Akshay Kumar, Kunal Kapoor, and Ajay Chopra were the judges for the first season. 

Master Chef Season 2 Winner- Shipra Khanna

Shipra Khanna was the winner for the second season of Master Chef, who began her cooking show i.e., Kitchen Stars Ka Saffar, after winning the show. She makes her appearance in many shows like Flavours of Ramdan, Rock a Bowl, Pure Sin, etc. Besides this, she has published many cooking recipe books and worked as a restaurant consultant. Vikas Khana, Ajay Chopra, and Kunal Kapoor were judges for this season.  

Master Chef Season 3 Winner – Ripu Daman

Ripu Daman Handa won the third season of Master Chef India by defeating Doel Sarangi and Navneet Rastogi. After his victory as Master Chef, he started working for many channels like Khaana Khazana, Living Foodz, etc. he also started writing his cookbooks. Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapoor, and Sanjeev Kapoor were judges for this season. 

Master Chef Season 4 Winner – Nikita Gandhi

Nikita Gandhi is the winner for the fourth season. She was brought up in Abu Dhabi, later on, she shifted to India. After she participated in the Master Chef show. Currently, she owns her food website i.e., ‘The Veggie Fix’. Deepak Shah and Bhakti Arora were the first and second runner-ups for the show, respectively. Vikash Khana, Sanjeev Kapoor, and Ranveer Brar were the judges for this season. 

Master Chef Season 5 Winner – Kirti Bhoutika

Kolkata girl Kirti Bhoutika won the judges hearts with her cooking. By far, Kiriti is the youngest one in the Master Chef platform to triumph her victory. She owns a home bakery called ‘Sugar Plum Cakery’, which she extended after winning the show. Vikash Khana, Kunal Kapoor, and Zorawar Kalra were the judges this season. 

Master Chef Season 6 Winner – Abinas Nayak

Abhinas Nayak won this show, who is an engineer by profession. But he has always been passionate about cooking and loves to create delicious food. After winning the show, he started working as a food stylist and created dishes that you won’t find in many restaurants. Vikas Khana, Ranveer Brar, and Vineet Bhatia were the judges this season. 

Now, the Master Chef is all set to bring its new season. If you have such talent and you are passionate about food and cooking, you can enroll for the upcoming season. 

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