Little America Season 2 is Coming to the Screens this December – Know the Release Date, Cast and Plot

Little America is an Apple TV production which they revealed they were working on in 2018. Season 1 of this show premiered on January 17, 2020. The makers had already renewed this anthology series for Season 2 in December 2019, and it is all set to be premiered this year.

The makers were so confident about the work that they renewed the show for Season 2 even before Season 1 could be premiered. The show has been exclusively created for Apple TV and can be watched here only.

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The show depicts a wide variety of genres and skillfully accentuates different dramatic and emotional facets of human life. It revolves around the lives of immigrants, the challenges they face in a country that does not accept them readily and human nature in general. These stories have been inspired by true stories of immigrants who came together to publish them in ‘Epic Magazine’. The show, too, happens to be their initiative to reveal to people what they had to face as an immigrant in America.

Season 1 alone attracted a huge fan base and has an IMDb rating of 7.4.

Release Date of Little America Season 2

Season 2 of Little America will be premiered on December 2, 2022. Like Season 1 there will be 8 episodes in Season 2 also.

Cast of Little America Season 2

Most characters from Season 1 will be resuming their roles, but there may be new characters too.

  • Suraj Sharma as Kabir
  • Sherilyn Fenn will play the role of Laura Bush
  • Jearnest Corchado as Marisol
  • Melinna Bobadilla will be seen as Gloria
  • John Ortiz as Squash Coach
  • Jamie Gore Pawlik as Charlotte Ansley
  • Conphidance as Iwegbuna
  • Melanie Laurent will be playing Sylviane
  • Zachary Quinto as Spiritual Leader

What is Season 2 of Little America About?

Little America has been inspired by real-life stories of immigrants, which they have revealed in the Epic Magazine. Every episode has a new, unexpected tale that carries s many emotions and reveals different characters of humans. Like Season 1, Season 2 will also show similar stories of immigrants in America.

The executive producer of the show, Alan Young, during one of the interviews, revealed that the Season 2 stories would expand on the breadth of Season 1 and take the audience ‘farther back in the past’ to show them the true experiences of an immigrant.

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