John Abraham turns to an old man for his next, Romeo Akbar Walter

No one would have ever imagined this, but John Abraham is turning into an old man for his next, Romeo Akbar Walter (R.A.W). This is the second time that John will be portraying the character on a spy. This Bollywood spy thriller is all set to take the theaters by storm and the audience is looking forward to it. Madras Cafe, undoubtedly was one of the best spy thrillers but truly, Abraham’s next, Romeo Akbar Walter deserves the praise and is buzzworthy. Why? John Abraham is going to portray eight different roles in the movie.

Romeo Akbar Walter: The magic of the makeup artist

Many consider that one can pull off the film with heavy makeup, prosthetics, and costumes. But that is not the only thing that will make the movie reach height success. Apart from all the makeup, the movie demands justice to the requirements of character too. And the makers of R.A.W, surely do all the justice to the character along with all the makeup.

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Now, all of you must have been wondering, who is this makeup artist that is matching all the needs of a character? Well, it is none other than the National Award winning prosthetic designer and makeup artist, Preetisheel Singh. As we have seen in the trailer and the different videos that have surfaced, the makeup artist has done all justice to the job. There are no tables unturned as the makeup creates magic with John’s looks.

Romeo Akbar Walter (R.A.W)

Romeo Akbar Walter : The Viral Video

Blessing the Instagram feed of fans, John recently shared a video clip of his transformation. The video shows how John, the young, stout man got turned into an old man. In the video, the fans get to see how John prepares and adorns the garb of one of the most difficult looks for the film. Well, the look is of none other than that of a bushy old man.

When we say that the makeup artist has created magic, she surely has created the magic. Because, one will never be able to identify that the bushy old man is no one, but John Abraham. Anyone who does know about the transformation will surely need some time to recognize. Preetisheel Singh surely deserves all the praise for bringing about such a beautiful transformation.

R.A.W Story and Review

R.A.W released on 5th April 2019, and truly, the movie is worth a watch. If you love your country, you truly need to see this one. The movie is set against the backdrop of 1971 Indo-Pak war (the one which featured as a backdrop of Raazi (2018) too). The movie follows the journey of a simple bank employee being turned into an Indian spy. He is sent to Pakistan to gain information that may serve beneficial for Indian intelligence.

The trailer of R.A.W created quite a lot of buzz with its mind-blowing, intense cinematography. The movie features Jackie Shroff and Mouni Roy in pivotal roles. While Jackie Shroff essays the role of Sikander Kher, RAW Chief, Mouni is the female lead. You need to watch the movie to unravel the mysteries hidden in it.

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