India’s Got Talent – How to Give an Audition and Register for IGT 2021 with Date, Time and Place

India’s Got Talent or in short IGT is an Indian reality show which is formed in the format of a series. The concept of this show has been borrowed from the British television show British Got Talent. When the first episode of India’s Got Talent was telecasted, it was a joint venture of Britain’s channel Frantlemedia and colours. The Indian part of this reality series was presented for television by Shakib Zakir Ahmed. The first episode was premiered in 2009 and the date was 27th June. Here in this show, the contestants have to take part in the audition process in front of the judges.

India’s Got Talent Audition Stages

  • The audition is divided into two segments; one is the online audition process and the other is the Producers’ Audition. The online audition process is an open audition that the performers can record through their home and the upload the videos by following the steps highlighted in the article below.
  • The next part of this Audition process is the Producers’ Audition which is shot in some selected cities across India. The participants who qualify in the online audition process get a chance to perform in this second part. Here the judges also join to see the audition. They are kept with a buzzer. They can use it in the mid-way of performance if they dislike it. If the buzzers are hit by all the judges in the middle of a performance, it means that the contestant has to leave the show. At the end of a performance, judges give their valuable comments and feedback that how they feel and what a contestant has to develop in his or her performance. The contestants who can impress the judges in this Producers’ Audition are selected for the next round.
India's got Talent auditions
  • Then comes the quarter-final round and the semi-final round respectively. Here also the contestants have to showcase their talents before the judges. After the end of each performance, the judges give some critical and analytical comments about whether they like it or any improvement is required. Some get eliminated in the quarter-final. Again, some can face elimination in the semi-final round. The public will also get a chance to cast their votes from the participants in these rounds.

When will the IGT Audition Start?

India's Got Talent Online Auditions

The online auditions for India’s Got Talent have already started and you can register by following the below steps. The on-ground auditions will start post the selection on the locations below,

India’s Got Talent Audition Locations

This time Audition 2021 will be held in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Gujrat, Chennai, Chandigarh and Bangalore.

India’s Got Talent Registration 2021 – Step by Step

To register for this reality show as a performer,

  • Download the official SonyLIV app.
  • Click on ‘India’s Got Talent’ banner.
  • Fill up the registration form with your details.
  • Upload 2 powerful videos of your performance which highlights your talent.
  • Make sure to enter your personal details carefully so that when you are selected the IGT team can contact you.
  • Post the online auditions, the selected candidates/performers will be called for the On-Ground Auditions.

To get the updates about the show please stay tuned.

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