India’s Best Dancer 2 – New Season – Let’s Have a Look at the Host and Judges

India’s Best Dancer season 2 is back with the tagline “Best Ka Next.” The show will be live on your TV screens sooner. The first season of this show came in 2020, and it was a massive hit; the show is now back with its second edition. Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora, and Terence Lewis will be seen as the judges of India’s Best Dancer Season 2.

India’s Best Dancer 2 Judges

All the three judges shared their views and excitement about season 2 of India’s Best Dancer:

Malaika Arora shared her pleasure about being a judge in the second season. She was also a part of the first season. She said: “I can express my happiness and excitement about returning to the show. The talent we saw last season was unmatched, and I can’t wait to see the new contestants with excellent skills this season. What I really love and appreciate about this show is that it offers a diverse representation of talents from all parts of the country. It’s a wonderful experience for me. ”

Moreover, this time there will also be challenges for the dancers at every step, as the first season. “Best Ka Next” will be the final test to find the best dancers from the country. However, the digital auditions of the show are already done, and the show is going to start soon.

Terence Lewis also expressed his feelings about the show; he said: “India’s Best Dancer is back. This time the show is even bigger and better than before. All the contestants will have to push their limits to prove their mettle and win the title of ‘India’s Best Dancer.’ I’m looking forward to seeing the excellent performance and a wonderful season. ”

Geeta Kapur, aka “Geeta Maa,” also shared her thoughts about the show; she said: “Now, season 2 is back to recognize and showcase the talent in their ‘ultimate best form’ on the hardest and competitive dance platform.”

India’s Best Dancer season 2 will be aired on Sony Entertainment Television very soon.

India’s Best Dancer 2 Host

Manish Paul will be seen hosting Indian’s Best Dancer Season 2.

Manish is famous for his hosting skills and proficiency; this is the reason why he has earned the title of “Stage Ka Sultan.” The first season of the show was a great success and the second season is expected to be even more wonderful. It will showcase great dancing talents that India has ever witnessed.

Manish also shared his views about the show; he said: “As a host, I’m glad to be a part of this show, and I’m very excited not only to be surrounded by such amazing talents but also to be an integral part of their journey. I truly love the concept of this show, and the kind of talent that we see on this platform is extraordinary.

I believe dance is a very expressive art, and a person should be able to express himself without any boundaries.  The contestants who appear on this platform not only believe in this, but they truly live it. It is only suitable to say that India’s Best Dancer will be hunting for the Best Ka Next Avtaar. I’m looking forward to a wonderful season!”

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