Indian Idol Elimination this Week

Indian Idol is based on a British musical programme Pop Idol reality show. Indian Idol has made careers of many in the Bollywood industry

Indian Idol Season 12 too  has gained a lot of popularity amongst its fanbase all because of its outstanding talent.  

Last elimination of Sawai Bhatt created a lot of chaos amongst the public on social media who called it unjustified eviction. The most interesting is to see now who is going to be eliminated next.

Will Md. Danish and Shanmukhapriya Get Eliminated?

With lot of trolls and critiscism going around for Mohd. Danish and Shanmukpriya across the social media, it might be possible that the show says goodbye to one of them next week. Several fans are demanding  the eviction of both from Indian Idol.   Fans believe that Mohd Danish does a lot of overacting and Shanmukhpriya sings only one type of song.  Rather, many have trolled her singing as shouting.

Reality show from few episodes is being judged by Himesh Resamiya, Sonu Kakkar and Anu Malik. Earlier episodes had Vishal Dadlani and Neha Kakkar as the judges  along with Himesh Reshamiya.

So, what do you think , who is going to be eliminated this week ?

Keep voting for your favorite Indian Idol contestant to save them or let us know through comments whom do you think will get eliminated this week.

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2 thoughts on “Indian Idol Elimination this Week

    1. Right Ned, its about the atmosphere that the netizens have created primarily on Twitter. Rather I would say, the changes that Md. Danish brings in any song should be for few only and not all the songs. What do you think?

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