Indian Idol 12 Winner is Arunita Kanjilal? – Voting Polls Suggest Highest Votes

The longest Indian Idol Season is now coming to an end. This year’s Indian Idol has broken a lot of records. With the the #GreatestFinaleEver going live right now which is 12 hour long; surely it will take some time for other Indian reality shows to break it. Indian Idol 12 has finale has definitely create a record-breaking history in Indian Television Cinema. The Indian Idol 12 winner will be soon announced but the voting poll results conducted by an external source are already out.

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So, out of the top 6 contestants who are fighting it out to be the winner, the latest voting polls suggest Arunita Kanjilal as the winner. Their has been a lot of fluctuation when it comes to the audience votes until last week. Pawandeep Rajan had received the highest votes until last week but the latest voting polls conducted suggest Arunita Kanjilal as the clear leader.

The top 6 contestants in the league are, Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal, Nihal Tauro, Shanmukha Priya, Sayli Kamble, Mohd Danish.

Indian Idol 12 Winner Updates

The latest polls conducted by a source suggest Arunita Kanjilal as the clear winner. The second person to receive the highest votes was Pawandeep Rajan followed by Shanmukha Priya, Mohd Danish and Nihal Tauro.

According to us, all of the 6 contestants are winners. They will definitely get the fame and respect they deserve in the coming times.

Pawandeep Rajan and Ashish have already got the contract and turned Music Directors. Indian Idol has definitely turned the lives of many contestants and definitely its getting better with each season.

Indian Idol 12 Winner Cash Prize

The winner of Indian Idol 12 will win a cash prize of Rs. 25 Lakh and a contract with a leading Music industry. The director of the Indian Idol has also revealed that Season 12 has been the most popular season. And if the pandemic would not have been their the finale would have been definitely organized in big stadium with a complete sold out show.

Hence the makers of the show came up with the concept of 12 hour long Grand Finale to create a record breaking history. Not only India, the world is waiting for the Indian Idol 12 winner results.

Lets see who wins the final race of Golden Trophy as the voting lines are still open. Keep voting until 11:00PM for your favorite contestant and make them the winner.

Stay tuned for the final winner!

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