How to be on Shark Tank Season 14 – Casting Details and Video Inside

Are you excited to lead a millionaire path with Sharks?

The casting directors are on the hunt already. Entrepreneurs can start applying online (details below) and stand a chance to be on the show and close a deal with the Sharks. Shark Tank is on a mission to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Sharks are here to expand your businesses and ideas and take them to the next level.

Eager to know how to get into the 4th time Emmy Award-winning show Shark Tank? Here we have narrowed down everything. Keep scrolling!

Who can apply for Shark Tank 14?

  • You should be 18 years or above and fully vaccinated.
  • Participants must be legally present in the USA.
  • You may not be a person of public office or must agree not to enter the public office from the date of audition release until one year after the initial broadcast of the Shark Tank series in which you participated.
  • All the papers submitted for background checks should be correct.

How to be on Shark Tank Season 14?

You can apply for Shark Tank Season 14 in two ways:

Apply Online

The Shark Tank Casting team is on the hunt to find the group of entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators who will pitch their business products to the sharks in hopes of getting funds.  

Because of the ongoing situation of the pandemic, casting for Season 14 will be conducted entirely online, and interested applicants may apply until the end of July 2022 by visiting here.

  • You have to fill out an application form with your details including, Name, Age, Address, Phone Number, Email, Occupation, Business Product Name, Category of your Business or Product, and a photo of your product along with the digital signature.
  • Once you get registered for the Shark Tank 14, all you have to do is, stick to your couches, and wait for a phone call.

Attend an Open call

For now, this is canceled due to pandemic. All the forms will be viewed online; you don’t need to visit in person to attend the casting call to get into Shark Tank 14.

Shark Tank is the best way to expand your business, where with the investment, you will get the advice of successful entrepreneurs to expand your business and become a millionaire.

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