Generation Gap Hosted by Kelly Ripa: An Entertaining Family Game Show

Generation Gap is a production of MGM Television, Kimmelot, and Milojo. It is a family-oriented quiz show that has family members competing for exciting cash prizes. One of the executive producers, Kelly Ripa, hosts the program. She is a classic American film beauty, and her presence has made the program even more enjoyable to watch. There are both amusing and heartening moments as the contestants belong to different age groups.

Generation Gap – The Game Show by Kelly Ripa

Generation Gap is all about family members of different generations working together to answer questions from different fields, such as pop culture, lifestyle, etc., from each other’s generation. The game show has many interesting challenges that the family members will love to play. Because of the generation gap, the contestants give many wrong answers to the questions asked that are hilarious – making it a fun and comedy family game show.

Generation Gap Questions – Episode Details

SeasonEpisodeDateEpisode Name
1Episode 1 07.08.2022To Infinity Stones and Beyond!
1Episode 207.15.2022All About That Booty

In the first episode, 75-year-old Marilyn and her 14-year-old grandson Nolan answered most questions correctly and won the game. Ripa offered a bonus round to the family – “Toddler’s Choice,” which meant the family’s youngest member would be allowed to pick the bonus prize.

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5-year-old Andrew picked a Razor Crazy Car Shift scooter worth just under $300 over a brand-new Kira Niro LXS worth $25000. While the family members were disappointed, little Andrew drove back his scooter happily!

He just couldn’t let go of the opportunity the moment the announcer shouted, “Drive and drift forwards and backward, sideways and diagonally, at speeds up to 12 miles per hour in a brand-new Razor Crazy Car Shift!”

When and Where to Watch?

The series premiered on ABC network on July 7, 2022. It is a weekly show and will be available for the audience to watch on Thursday nights at 9:00PM.

Generation Gap has been heartily welcomed by the audience, who look forward to watching the next episode on Thursday. Stay tuned to learn more about this show and similar others!

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