Don’t Blame Karma Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, and Everything we Know so Far

Over the coming months, a ton of excellent Netflix films will be available to stream. A movie that many are awaiting is Don’t Blame Karma! Also known as “¿Qué culpa tiene el karma?,” it is a Mexican original movie that Elisa Miller directed based on a screenplay developed by Marcelo Tobar and Fernanda Eguiarte. Both Juan Uruchurtu and Jorge “Tocayo” Ramrez agreed to work as producers. Although the start of filming for the romantic comedy is unknown, we do know that it was completed in August 2021. Almost all of the movie was filmed in the stunning state of Yucatán.

Don’t Blame Karma Release Date

Don’t Blame Karma! was included on the list of summer 2022 movies that Netflix revealed on April 27. However, August 3, 2022, is the release date that the streamer has provided. We’re crossing our fingers for an early summer release of the romantic comedy.

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The Cast of Don’t Blame Karma!

Aislinn Derbez portrays the lead role in the movie Don’t Blame Karma!. One of the best Spanish television shows on Netflix, The House of Flowers, featured Derbez. Apart from her, the movie also casts Renata Notni, Gil Cerezo, Miriam Chi Chim, Meteors Fontara and more.

Synopsis of the Movie

Many of you might have noticed the similarity between Aislinn Derbez and Renata Notni. They will bring the siblings Sara and Lucy to life in this movie, making it much clearer. Sara, a disgruntled fashion designer, attributes her bad luck to karma. She thinks this results from her beautiful and accomplished sister Lucy accidentally cursing her when they were young.

Her equilibrium is upset as she struggles to maintain the viability of her souvenir business in Mérida when Aarón, her former crush and best friend, now a well-known artist, resurface most unexpectedly. As is custom, Aarón will wed her sister Lucy after only a few brief weeks of engagement. When her internet boyfriend, Roberto, and her parents, who are getting a divorce because her mother wants an open relationship, visit her, Sara is left with little choice but to deal with her bad karma and mourn the loss of her old youthful love.

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