Dance Deewane Juniors Winner, Runner up and Prize Money

Dance Deewane Juniors got its first winner. The dance reality show premiered on 23rd April, and after a head-to-head competition among the contestants and continuous face-offs, Dance Deewane Juniors ended on a happy note.

8-years Aditya Patel won the Dance Deewane Juniors 2022, and other finalists on the show were Prateek Kumar Naik and Geet Kaur Bagga. Aditya was rewarded with a 20 lakh prize money by judges Marzi Pestonji and Neetu Kapoor. Amir Khan was also present in the finale episode to promote his film, Lal Singh Chadha.

Aditya was guided by mentor Pratik Utekar and always impressed judges through his spectacular performances. His unique performances and dance moves really shocked all of the judges. When Aditya was asked what made him a winner in an interview, he replied,

”The journey of Dance Deewane was very memorable for me, and I have learned lots of new things on the stage of this platform. This competition made me more confident and passionate about my dancing.”

Dance Deewane Juniors Runner-up and Winner prize money

The winner, Aditya Patel, took a trophy along with Rs 20 lakh cash prize home. He said this prize money and trophy is dedicated to his grandfather, who always wanted to see him as a winner. Aditya has plans to spend his prize money to buy a big home.

Geet Kumar Bagga ended up being runner-up of the Dance Deewane Juniors.

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