Curiosity Stream Review – Free or Paid and the Pricing Details: The Best Streaming Platform for Documentaries

Streaming platforms are in demand nowadays, as with these platforms, one can access films, shows, and series from anywhere just by simply using the phone. CuriosityStream is an American video streaming service provider that offers different types of documentary programs, including movies, series, and tv shows. This platform has released documentaries worth watching and has a good IMDb rating.

Let’s check out the best documentaries that Curiosity Stream offers based on IMDb ratings.

When it comes to documentaries, this platform is more efficient than any other. Here are some best shows that have been released on this platform in recent past years.

Top Documentaries on Curiosity Stream

1. Engineering the future- 8.5

The show was released in 2021 when the filmmakers showed some engineering machines that can change human lives forever. It is based on how mechanical development can change the future. It is a sci-fi show.

2. 4th and forever: Alcoa(2021)- 8.0 / Muck city (2020) – 7.7

There are 2 parts of ” 4th and forever”. The first story was released in 2020 ( muck city), and the second one was released in 2021 ( Alcoa). Both of the series have high IMDb ratings. The 2nd part was based on the impact and history of Alcoa High School’s football team in Tennessee, and the first part was its former part based on the story of a native son trying to make his father proud by being the coach at legendary Pahokee High School.

3. Pompeii: disaster streets – 7.2

This series focuses on the life of Roman civilization when Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79 and buried the city. This is an exciting documentary on ancient Roman history.

4. The secret lives of big cat -8.8

The big cats are becoming extinct in a slow process. This program has explained their lives and habits in more detail than ever.

5. The French revolution – 7.2

As the name refers, this is based on the time of the French revolution. The story is based on the world-famous painting done in 1793. It shows the French Revolution from different perspectives.

Not only these but there are hundreds of documentaries that are worth watching, such as The history of food, ancient world, First man, Royals: keeping the crown, Deep time history, bronze age etc.

Curiosity Stream Review

When we talk about CuriosityStream, we can say it is the platform that can answer all human curiosities. If you are a documentary lover and love to know about the facts, not fiction, it is way better than any other platform out there. It has detailed documentaries on every topic, whether it is history, the science of the human body, or future technology, this platform has the answer to all human quarries. Most of the programs on this streaming platform have more than 90% ratings. It is a platform that combines education with entertainment with the best quality visuals, directions, and facts.

Curiosity Stream Pricing

The price is not so high. There are monthly and annual plans that you can access. The prices are,

  • $2.99 a month for standard HD streaming
  • $9.99 a month for premium 4K streaming
  • $19.99 a year for standard HD streaming

Ending words

Curiosity Stream has a huge collection of exciting documentaries at a reasonable price. If you’re a documentary lover, you can give it a try.

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