Close Enough Season 3 Release Date, Cast, IMDb Rating and Plot

The American adult comedy sitcom Close Enough is very popular among viewers. It has received very good responses from the audience as well as from the critics. After getting an amazing response for the first and second seasons, the directorial team of Close Enough is ready to premiere the third season of the series.

Close Enough Season 3 Release Date

The third season of the series is going to be on air on 7th April 2022. The release date is announced by HBO Max. After getting the official announcement, fans can’t wait to watch the third season. The trailer has already officially launched, and it seems like the third season is going to be more entertaining than the previous two seasons.

The Cast of Close Enough

After watching the trailer and going through the official statements, we can say that there are no major changes in the third season. The most probable cast of close enough season 3 are-

  • Josh played by J.G.Quintel
  • Emily Ramirez played by Gabrielle Walsh
  • Candice Single-ton Ramirez played by Jessica DiCicco
  • Alex Dorpenberger played by Jason Mantzoukas 
  • Randy played by James Admomian
  • Bridgette Yoshida is played by Kimiko Glenn. 

Close Enough IMDb rating

The series has got good ratings from almost every platform. When it comes to ratings for movies, IMDb is one of the most trustworthy platforms. On this platform, Close Enough has got 8/10 ratings. It also has got 4 out of 5-star ratings from and 75 out of 100 on Metacritic.

 The Plot of Close Enough Season 3

The complete plot of the series Close Enough circles around the adventurous journey of Josh, his wife Emily and their daughter Candice. Like the previous two seasons, in the third season, we will watch the adventures of their lives. The series is gaining popularity because it matches the practical problems of human beings. As this series completely justifies its name, viewers can watch the complexities and equations of a family and relate to the characters with them. This adult comedy sitcom covers relationship problems between Josh and his wife Emily because of parenthood, kids, workload, etc.

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Most of all, the adult issues between them are captured in a very realistic way. The adult humor is one of the biggest flexes of this series, and we do not expect that the plot is going to be completely changed in the third season. Rather, it will continue revolving around the relationship problems and other issues the couple is facing every day. You can relate to this series in one way or another, as the problems are explained precisely by adding a touch of humor. In the third season, we are expecting more adventures in their lives.

Wrapping up

In the previous two seasons, we have watched 16 episodes in total, 8 episodes in each season. All of those episodes have touched us, and we relate to the circumstances Josh and his wife were facing. And now, we are waiting eagerly for the third season that is going on air on 7th April.

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