Britain’s Got Talent Winners – List of Winners in BGT across All Seasons

Britain’s Got Talent is an entertainment program participated by contestants who are bestowed with extraordinary skills of entertainment and can be able to fire the stage with their performance. Britain Got Talent was first premiered on 9 June 2007 and after a successful bash of this show, the producer decided to continue it with its trademark named Britain’s Got Talent.

Who are the judges and hosts of Britain Got Talent show?

Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly are the two entertaining hosts of Britain Got Talent since series 1 and have been given Golden Buzzer rights like judges since its inauguration in series 8 of this show.

When the show began, for the first four series, the judging panel was consist of mainly music executive and producer Simon Cowell, actress Amanda Holden and newspaper editor and journalist Piers Morgan. Kelly Brook, Louis Walsh, David Hasslhoff, Carmen Electra, Anthony McPartlin, Declan Donnelly, and Kathleen Williams has appeared as a guest judge in different series of the show.

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Who are the winners of Britain got the talent for different seasons?

BGT Winner Season 1 (2007)

Paul Pots, an opera singer lagged everyone behind and won a £100,000 cash prize that year. 

BGT Winner Season 2 (2008)

The second series was a hit and ran longer compared to the previous season. The show featured 40 finalists and had 5 live semi-finals. This show was won by street dancer George Sampson. 

BGT Winner Season 3(2009)

With the 13.3 Million viewers, this series had made history and was the most successful series. This series was won by dance troupe Diversity, singer Susan Boyle coming in second, and saxophonist Julian Smith occupying the third position.

BGT Winner Season 4 (2010)

A gymnastic troupe Spelbound made his position in this series winning the cash prize.

BGT Winner Season 5 (2011)

It was the first series to be broadcast fully in high-definition. Jai McDowall, a singer, was the winner of this series, followed by Ronan Parke, who comes in the second position, and Boyband New bounce, occupying the third position. 

BGT Winner Season 6 (2012)

In this series, a notable difference was prize money which was increased from £100,000 to £500,000 and a new feature “wildcard entry” was introduced. And the show also increased the number of semifinalists from 40 to 45.  A trainer and dog duo Ashleigh and Pudsey, came in first position.

BGT Winner Season 7 (2013)

This series was won by shadow theatre troupe Attraction and the prize money was £250,000 only. 

BGT Winner Season 8 (2014)

In this series, a new feature was added in auditions i.e., Golden Buzzer, and this season boy band Collabro made his position in the first place.

BGT Winner Season 9 (2015)

The winner of the series was trainer and dog duo Jules O’Dwyer& Matisse, with magician Jamie Raven placing second and Welsh choir Cor Glanaethwy occupying the third position. 

BGT Winner Season 10 (2016)

This series was won by magician Richard Jones

BGT Winner Season 11 (2017)

This series was won by a pianist star Tokio Myers, leaving behind every contestant he named himself Briatin Got Talent Award.

BGT Winner Season 12 (2018)

This year a stand-up comedian Lost Voice Guy outplayed pianist Robert White and singer Donchez Dacres.

BGT Winner Season 13 (2019)

This series was quite an interesting one with a mix-match of performances with previous contestants. A singer Colin Thackery made his place first in the show.

BGT Winner Season 14 (2020)

This year the show was won by a comedian pianist named Jon Courtenay.

The fifteen series was planned to broadcast in 2021, but unluckily, due to pandemics and government rules, it had become quite impossible to audition the contestants. However, Britain got talent will make its way whenever the situation comes in control.

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