Bigg Boss 15 Eliminations So Far – Umar Riaz gets Evicted Following Fight with Pratik Sehajpal? Watch Video

Are you all shocked on Umar Riaz getting evicted news floating since his fight with Pratik? Well! me too, But Salman has to follow the protocol; violence is not allowed inside the house. In a promo, Umar Riaz and Pratik Sehajpal were seen getting involved in an ugly fight. The duo has been seen in huge verbal arguments and pushing each other amid the eviction task. Following this, Big Boss will announce:

“Bigg Boss ke ghar mein hinsa par kadi pabandi hai. Show ke 14 hafte mein phouch kar, show ke maryaada ko barkaraar rakhte hue, iss anuchit vyahaar par rok laga di jaye. Bigg Boss Umar ko is Ghar see…” (Violence is not allowed in Bigg Boss house. In the 14th week of the show and to carry maintain the decorum in the house, Bigg Boss is..”

Umar Riaz to get Eliminated from Bigg Boss 15?

This announcement has created a social war on Twitter and misunderstanding among viewers that Umar Riaz may get evicted in the weekend ka Var episode by Salman Khan. However, there is no official confirmation on Umar Riaz getting evicted from Big Boss 15. The fans of Umar Riaz are upset as they believe that Umar is being neglected and defamed in the show. The Big Boss show is biased. The promo has created a massive war among the fans of Umar Riaz on Twitter. But, no official confirmation is done. 

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Umar Riaz has been repeatedly warned by the host from the very beginning of the show for being violent and spoiling every task in the Big Boss house. The fans of doctor Umar Riaz are counter-attacking this by pointing fingers at Devolena, who has been also seen as aggressive and violent in the house, but why has she not been evicted from the house? It would be quite interesting to watch are the makers evicting Umar Riaz from the house, or he has been spared by giving a warning by the host.

Big Boss 15 has been premiered on 2nd October 2021 on Colors TV. And now the show has reached its face-off round. Many contestants have been eliminated from the show, and several new wild card entry has been done to spice up the drama like Devolena, Rashmi, Abhijet Bichkole, Munmun Dutta, Surbi Chandna, Akansha Puri, and Vishal Singh entered the house recently as a challenger to make the ticket to the finale task difficult for contestants.

Bigg Boss 15 Eliminated Contestants

2nd January 2022No Elimination
1st January 2022Umar, Devoleena, Shamita, Abhijit, and Pratik were nominated for this week.
26th December 2021 No Elimination
25th December 2021 Umar, Devoleena, Shamita, Nishant, and Pratik were nominated for week 12.
19th December 2021Ritesh and Rajiv got eliminated from Bigg Boss 15 house.
18th December 2021Umar, Karan, Tejasswi, Rajiv, Nishant, Ritesh, and Abhijit were the nominated contestants for week 11. (Bottom 6 contestants)
12th December 2021 No Elimination
11th December 2021Umar, Karan, Tejasswi, Shamita, Nishant, Pratik were nominated for week 10. (bottom 6 contestant)
5th December 2021 No Elimination
4th December 2021Umar, Rajiv, Karan, Tejasswi, Shamita, Nishant and Pratik were the nominated contestant for week 10.
28th November 2021No Elimination
27th November 2021Umar, Rajiv, Jay, Vishal, Simba and Neha were nominated for week 8.
21st November 2021No Elimination
14th November 2021No Elimination
13th November 2021Umar, Simba, Nishant, Miesha, Leshaan were nominated.
7th November 2021Ieshaan got evicted from Bigg Boss 15
6th November 2021Miesha Iyer got eliminated from Bigg Boss Season 15.
31st October 2021Akasa Singh got eliminated from Bigg Boss 15 house.
30th October 2021Simba, Vishal and Akasa were nominated for week 4.
24th October 2021No Elimination
23rd October 2021Afsana, Miesha, Ieshaan, Shamita, Umar, Karan, Simba and Vishal were nominated for week 3.
17th October 2021No Elimination was done.
10th October 2021Sahil Shroff get eliminated from the Big Boss 15 house.

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Stay tuned for the latest updates on the elimination of Umar Riaz and other updates! 

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