Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan Kicked Out of Salman Khan’s Show – Know the Complete Incident

Bigg Boss, the biggest reality show in the history of Indian television has grasped the crown of the best Indian reality show. Every year with a long pompous performance, the contestants enter the house of Bigg Boss. The host of the Bigg Boss series superstar Salman Khan left no stone unturned to entertain the audience. The journey of Bigg Boss 15 went on to be aired since October 2nd and continues its triumph by the support as well as veneration of the audience. 

Bigg Boss 15 comes up with a long list of dazzling contenders and their regular altercation, fighting, and romantic encounters. Jay Bhanushali, Tejawassi Prakash, Vishal Khotian, Vidhi Pandya, Simba Nagpal, Donal Bisht, Karan Kundra, Umar Riaz, Afsana Khan, Sahil Shroff, Shamita Shetty, Akasha Singh, Pratik Sehajpal, Ieshaan Sehgaal, Meisha Iyer, and Nishant Bhat are opted for as the contestants of Bigg Boss 15. Every episode of Bigg Boss 15 comes with entertainment and entertainment and does not leave its admirers disappointed. 

Why Afsana Khan has been Kicked out of Bigg Boss 15?

Each weekend episode is a new turn as it engraves a new journey for each of the contestants in the house. Every Sunday episode comes with a lot of panic and agitation as the elimination befalls on the very day. Afsana Khan, a contestant of Bigg Boss 15, has been thrown out of the house or, rather say, show by the superstar Salman Khan for her intimidating behavior. Afsana Khan has been allegedly accused to harm herself with the help of a knife. After her defeat in VIP access, she has been accused to lose her calm and attempted such a foolish yet intimidating task. 

She has been kicked out of the house for inducing a frightening incident in the Bigg Boss house. In the VIP access task, she was embroiled in a tussle with her co-contestant actress Shamita Shetty also entitled ‘Sharara Girl.’ Such an incident has disappointed the Bigg Boss authority. It is also an infringement of the house rules.

Once the VIP task was over, all the remaining contestants of the show were summoned to gather in the living area of the house. The impromptu announcement was conducted by the Bigg Boss, which notifies that contestant-singer Afsana Khan has to leave the house for getting into a fight with her co-contestant and crossing all the limits of absurdity. This announcement has left the other contestants, along with Assana herself, spellbound. 

Bigg Boss 15: Shamita and Afsana Breaking Rules

A recent episode showed Bigg Boss reprimanding both Afsana and Shamita for breaking the rules of the Bigg Boss house. The whole incident depicted that Afsana was frustrated for not getting the help of her close friends of the house; Umar Riaz (brother of Asim Riaz, runner up of Bigg Boss 14) and Karan Kundra. This disappointment has induced Afsana to go into a state of medical condition according to sources, which she had been suffering for a long back. This condition has led her to take such violate decision of taking a self-harming attempt with the help of a knife. The medical team reached in no time following the whole incident. Afsana was announced to leave the house immediately. Hope she will get over her illness soon and return with flamboyance to entertain her fans again.  

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