Big Brother Season 24 Episode 28 Recap: Brittany Becomes the New Target

After three weeks of continuous double eviction, only 5 players remain inside the house. Last week’s double eviction made Terrance Higgins and Michael Bruner leave Big Brother’s house. Now it’s time to see who will win the prize money of $750,000. The HOH seat remains empty.

Tonight’s episode was again a new drama. After Michael left the house, tension rose among the houseguests. Brittany was so upset with Michael for his rude behavior. Turner also felt betrayed by the way Michael manipulated everyone. In the end, the five remaining members agreed that they all would play to win the grand prize and not for second place.

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Big Brother 24: Next Double Eviction

Turner is now planning for the next double eviction and getting Brittany evicted. He wants to put Alyssa as a pawn. Monte then hopped on his plan. They want to eliminate Brittany this week. However, they also know they can become the target of the women they want to eliminate. Now both of them have allied together to protect each other till the end. After that, they bring Alyssa into their gang to target Brittany. On the other hand, Taylor fears that if Turner wins the Veto competition, he could target her. Brittany wants to win the comp because she knows she will become everyone’s target.

Big Brother 24 Episode 28 Recap: HOH Comp

Now it’s time for this week’s HOH comp. For today’s game, each player had to enter a horror house. The goal is to become the first to jamb six doors in the house in complete darkness. All 4 players except Turner participated. And Taylor wins the game with 60 minutes. Alyssa with 22:24, Monte with 15:15 and Brittany with 15:24. Monte was sure he would not nominate Turner or Taylor. But he is prepared to put Alyssa up against Brittany as a pawn. Taylor wins the Veto. So she has the power to replace one at the eviction round. At today’s nomination ceremony, Monte put Brittany and Alyssa on the block.

Now, will there be another double eviction this week as well is the real question?

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