Big Brother Season 23 Winner, Prize Money, Runner-up and Finale Results with Votes

Big Brother Season 23 announced its finalists and winner on September 29, 2021, after the completion of a total of 85 days. This season started with 16 participants on June 7, 2021. All the 22 seasons were completed, and we finally ended up with 3 contestants. All the remaining 13 contestants were eliminated in between the show. The final season was hosted by Julie at 9:00 pm.

Big Brother Season 23 Finalists

  • The first finalist is Azah Awasum, a 30-year-old sales operation director in Maryland.
  • Derek Frazier is the second finalist. He is a safety officer in Pennsylvania.
  • Xavier Prather is an attorney and is the third finalist of Big Brother.

HOH Round 2

In this round, Azah and Derek F were made to face the competition against each other. The winner of round 2 will be competing with Xavier in round 3. In this round, both of them will be asked a question for which they need to answer 4 houseguests’ names. Then they needed to run and hit the slot machine. It is a combination of a physical and mental form of competition. Azah wins round 2 after racing each other. Then a Jury Round table was also conducted where they discussed the winner.

HOH Round 3

This round was a Q & A competition in which both the final contestants were asked 8 questions. In the 1st round, Xavier gets the point. But in the next 7 rounds, both of them get an equal point. So, the winner of this round was Xavier.

Jury Votes

Finally the winning factors of the show Jury votes. There were 9 votes and the last vote was to decide the winner of the $750,000 grand prize. But the second-last and consolation prize were also available. With winning extra votes from the Jury, Xavier won Season 23 of Big Brother. He is the first black person to win Big Brother.

American Favorite HG

The other most deciding factor is the people’s votes. As we all know, even America’s Favorite HG is Xavier.

Big Brother Season 23 Winner

Finally, Xavier Prather is this season’s winner, and Derek is the runner-up.

This season came to an end, but don’t worry, the next season of Big Brother will be soon in 2022. Let’s keep our eyes open until season 24.

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