Big Brother Naija Season 7 Cast – Know the 24 Housemates with Pictures

The seventh season of Big Brother Naija, with the theme “Level Up,” officially began on Saturday i.e. 23 July 2022. Twelve new housemates were unveiled.

Day two of the opening ceremony took place on Sunday, and the second group of housemates was welcomed inside.

Want to know all 24 housemates? Check the list below.

Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemates

BBN 7 Housemate Bella

Bella defines herself as the life of the party and loves to have a good time.

BBN 7 Housemate Eloswag

Eloswag claims to be a dancer and to represent entertainment.

BBN 7 Housemate Groovy

By being as enjoyable and exciting as possible, Groovy intends to take it to the next level.

BBN 7 Housemate Beauty

Beauty believes that her honesty and “go with the flow” approach will get her through to the end.

BBN 7 Housemate Khalid

Khalid vows to bring charisma, intelligence, and a willingness to work as a team.

BBN 7 Housemate Ilebaye

Ilebaye vows to bring Biggie’s House all the Gen-Z vigour.

BBN 7 Housemates

BBN 7 Housemate Cyph

Cyph always wanted to be known beyond the comfort of her room or friends. Thus, she signed up for Big Brother Naija.

BBN 7 Housemate Amaka

Self acclaimed Nicki Minaj of Nigeria, Amaka will elevate things to a new level.

BBN 7 Housemate Kess

Kess is a show stopping and jaw-dropping human being who takes pride in his talent.

BBN 7 Housemate Daniella

Daniella has come to leave her mark. She wants to ensure she is noticed in the House and that her presence is felt.

BBN 7 Housemate Pharmsavi

In the Big Brother Naija season, Pharmsavi claims to have “the cure for all crazy.” He pledges to be energetic and entertaining while serving in the House.

BBN 7 Housemate Phyna

Phyna intends to level up by sending out vibes and ginger.

BBN 7 Housemate Bryann

Bryann vows to bring vibes, a lot of energy, and flair to Big Brother season 7.

BBN 7 Housemate Christy O

Christy O is prepared to bring positive feelings, enjoyment, and fantastic vibrations to the House. 

BBN 7 Housemate Adekunle

Adekunle intends to advance the situation by ensuring he has an opinion on everyone’s affairs. 

BBN 7 Housemate Doyin

The master manipulator, Doyin intends to inject positivity and little contempt into Big Brother Season 7.

Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemates

BBN 7 Housemate Allysyn

Since she is distinctive, different, and open-minded, Allysyn thinks she will stand out in the House.

BBN 7 Housemate Chomzy

Chomzy is compassionate and disapproves of those who gain satisfaction from demeaning others.

BBN 7 Housemate Dotun

Dotun is prepared to compete for the victory! His fierce competitiveness and forthright nature pose the greatest threat to the other Housemates.

BBN 7 Housemate Giddyfia

Giddyfia intends to stand out by being genuine and adaptable.

BBN 7 Housemate Diana

Diana intends to play with all of her might! Additionally, she is a manipulator at heart since her game plan is to win all her housemates’ trust and then take advantage of it.

BBN 7 Housemate Hermes

Hermes never speaks poorly of anyone behind their back, but you can always count on him to be brutally honest.

BBN 7 Housemate Chichi

Chichi wants to up the ante by providing her uniqueness, honesty, and “the real stripper sensations.”

BBN 7 Housemate Sheggz

Sheggz is genuine, honest, direct, and loving personality. He acknowledges that he would be shocked if anyone in the House detested him after the first meeting.

Who will take the prize at this year’s competition? And who is your favorite?

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