Balika Vadhu 2 Cast Real Names, Story and Where to Watch

Balika Vadhu is one of the most famous daily soaps in the history of Indian television that premiered on colors. Now, Colors TV is streaming the second season of Balika Vadhu. The show premiered on the 9th of October 2021 on colors TV. 

This season has Shivangi Joshi, Randeep Rai, and Samridh Bawa in the lead roles. The second season also started running with a good TRP. Let’s have a look at the entire cast of the second season of Balika Vadhu and the storyline. 

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Balika Vadhu 2 Cast with their Real Names

The cast is pretty impressive in the second season of Balika Vadhu and includes,

CastReal Name
 Aanandi Bhujaariya Shivangi Joshi 
 Young Aanandi Sreya Patel 
 Aanand ChaturvediRandeep Rai 
 Young Aanand Krish Chauhan 
 Jigar Anjaariya Samridh Bawa 
 young Jigar PurohitVansh Sayani 
 Gomati Anjaariya/ Madi BaaKetki Dave 
 Devraaj Anjaariya Mehul Buch 
 Bhanumati AnjaariyaMeenakshi Verma 
 Premji Anjaariya Sunny Pancholi 
 Sejal AnjaariyaShiju Katariya 
 Khimji BhujaariyaAnshul Trivedi 
 Ratan BhujaariyaRiddhi Nayak Shukla 
 Diwali AnjaariyaSeema Mishra 
 Lakhan Kumar ChauksiaChandan Rai 
 Kankan Chauksia Trupti Mishra 
 Gopal AnjaariyaArishth Jain 
 Leelavati Rashmi Gupta 
 Madhav Sagar Parekh 
 Mitalini Chautala.Kumkum Das

Story of Balika Vadhu Season 2

The story of the second season of Balika Vadhu is quite similar to the first season. At the start of the second season, we saw that Aanandi’s father fixed his daughter’s marriage before her birth to his friend’s son. When she grew up, things changed, and in these different circumstances, the story revolved around several situations and feelings of Aanandi.

The Director has said that he has to change the storyline up after the leap as the Indian audience has changed very fast. And the idea of child marriage or fixing a child’s marriage before birth did not click in the contemporary scenario. The storyline is also changing with that.


You can see Balika Vadhu 2 from Monday to Friday 8:00 PM onwards on Colors TV. You can also watch the daily soap on the Voot platform. As the Director is thinking about an alternative platform for Balika Vadhu 2, there are chances that after some days or weeks, audiences would be able to see the daily soap only on the Voot platform. 

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