Anupama 18th August 2021 Written Update of Full Episode

While sitting with the bank officials, a boss and employee walks in the cafeteria. Anupama imagines Dholakia & Kinjal in them and gets tensed. The bank officials ask Anupama to sign the document at the earliest else the loan approval will take another month. Anupama asks question about the EMI and the officers explain her in detail the interest rate details. She signs the documents and officials inform that the loan would be disbursed in another 4-5 days. Anupama comes home and tells Bapuji and Vanraj that she has signed the loan papers, though she wanted both of them to be there. Vanraj confirms if she read the papers carefully. Anupama nods in assertive. Samar then says, hope our property tax issue will be resolved now.

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Anupama Written Episode: Vanraj is Furious

Baa and Vanraj asks if Kinjal is fine. Vanraj senses something wrong and asks if Dholakia has misbehaved with her. Anupama silence says it all. Vanraj in anger picks up the hockey stick to punish Dholakia and states he misbehaves with all women. Anupama stops him and says that they should think wisely and punish Dholakia. Giving physical punishment is not only the right thing. Kinjal walks in and asks Anupama why she has told the family about this issue. Anupama consolidates her and makes her realize that family is here to support her and everyone knows its not her mistake. Pakhi also adds that Anupama oncer punished a guy who misbehaved with her, and now that guy fears to face her. Tensed Kinjal says that she doesn’t want to magnify the issue as the society will not support her and blame her instead. Anupama tells Kinjal that she ought to stand for her rights and everyone will support her.

Kavya enters and says that the family should not react in this way and rather they should let the issue go off. It is not possible for Vanraj, to beat everyone and neither it is possible for Anupama to give lecture to everyone. Nandini and Anupama reminds Kavya about the situation when she too was into it once. Kavya replies that it was a different issue and asks them not to mix these two issues together.

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Kavya in a way supports Dholakia that no such incidence has ever happened with her and she has also worked with Dholakia for years. Vanraj added that it was because he was with her all the time. Kavya asks him to stop and says every girl knows how to fight for herself and he should stop acting as a girl savior. Kavya asks Kinjal if Dholakia has touched her. Kinjal replies no. Kavya adds to it when no such incident has happened, then why family is exaggerating the issue and it might be a possibility that Kinjal has misunderstood and no one is going to believe. She further adds that Kinjal anyways has left the job, so the matter should be suppressed. She also added that since she is getting the opportunity to take up Kinjal’s position, if the matter gets exaggerated, she will lose it and then she has to beg to Rakhi for the job. Vanraj says he is ok with that. Kinjal asks the family to think practically as Kinjal’s career will be at stake for lifetime.

Anupama ask Kavya to Support her

Anupama stands by her words that people like Dholakia should be punished else they will keep on molesting women. Baa adds that they need to think out a way to punish him. Kavya humiliates Anupama saying that she could not stand for herself for 25 years when her husband molested her and now is talking to take stand for others. Vanraj gets angry and asks her to stop right there. Kavya says that she has been forced to bring the truth as the family is not thinking practically. Anupama says yes, that she will not repeat the same mistake and let wrong happen with her daughters and asks Kavya too to support her in the matter.

Anupama asks Samar to call Toshu. Toshu comes and after listening to the whole matter, supports Kinjal. He says that Kinjal did right and left the job and can now join Rakhi’s business. He showed his disinclination in punishing Dholakia stating it will only destroy Kinjal’s career and nothing else will happen. Arguments happen between Samar and Toshu. Samar asks if they should forgive Dholakia.

Toshu says they can punish him physically and the matter should be buried. Samar says that they will find an alternative way to punish Dholakia. Toshu in anger asks Samar to keep out of the matter as Kinjal is her wife. Samar too aggressively replies that she is someone’s daughter, bahu & Bhabhi and on that she is woman who ought to stand for her rights. The argument gets heated and Kinjal shouts that it is her decision and she will think if she wants to punish Dholakia or not.

Anupama Next Episode

Kinjal and whole family makes Dholakia’s video in which Kinjal is accusing him of molestation. Anupama slaps him. Dholakia in anger tries to slap her back. Vanraj intervenes and stops him right there with a warning. Dholakia challenges the family to teach each one of them a lesson.

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