America’s Got Talent 2022 Winner and Runner-up Prediction – These Contestants Won Hearts in AGT Season 17

America, its time for hitting the “Vote now” button for the one last time. We are only couple of days away from witnessing the AGT Season 17 winner. This has been a really exciting season. The top 11 includes a mix of dancers, singers, comedians and magicians.

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Lets take a look,

  • Avery Dixon
  • Celia Muñoz
  • Kristy Sellars
  • Chapel Hart
  • Metaphysic
  • The Mayyas
  • Drake Milligan
  • Nicolas Ribs
  • Sara James
  • Mike E Winfield 
  • Yu Hojin

America’s Got Talent 2022 Winner and Runner-up

This year has seen some of the finest talents, the most creatives artist perform on the America’s Got Talent 2022 stage. For us, it has been Drake Milligan and Nicolas Ribs.

Drake Milligan’s performance on the first night of qualifying rounds earned a standing ovation from all four judges and fans voted him through to the finale.

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Ribs on the other hand, auditioned with a magical act that made a variety of 3D objects come out of a flat screen. Howie recently predicted that the magician has a really good chance of coming out as a winner of Season 17.

Apart from the above two, Twitterati has been really vouching for Chapel Hart who won the Group Golden Buzzer and performed “The Girls Are Back In Town” during the qualifying round.

Whom do you think will make it to the ‘Top 2’ and win $1 million and a chance to perform at “America’s Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE” at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas? Let us know through comments!

9 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent 2022 Winner and Runner-up Prediction – These Contestants Won Hearts in AGT Season 17

  1. Metaphysic.. They were awesome! I’m a big Elvis fan. It was so cool! With Simon singing, Sofia & Heidi! It was funny. But the Elvis was so real.
    I can imagine all the people they can picture singing posing as. It would be incredible.
    They are talented they will definitely have a show Vegas winners or not. As Simon said…
    Mayans I really love them just wasn’t crazy about their final act. I wish it would of been better than the one that got them into the finals. I know they are great though. Chapel Hart was off key last song. I didnt really like their song just so off key.
    Kristy Sellars, was awesome love her creativity.
    My choice would be Christy Sellars or Metaphysics the last two stand. Well may the best one win

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