American Idol 2022 Top 3 Finalists – Season 20 Expected Winner, Runner-up

The finale of the famous reality show American Idol is all set to take place Sunday. Now, we have the top 3 of this season who can win the trophy of this season of this popular reality show. 

American Idol 2022 Top 3: Hunter Girl

Hunter Girl American Idol 2022

Hunter girl was the first one to crack open Underwood’s songbook on the previous Sunday. She has an amazing voice and is loved by both the judges and the audience. She has already created her fan base on this reality show, and now he is one of the top three contestants.

American Idol 2022 Top 3: Noah Thompson

Noah Thompson American Idol 2022 Top 3

Thompson has an amazing voice that can touch anyone’s soul, and every time she came up on the stage, she created magic. She is among the top three contestants in American idol  2022.

American Idol 2022 Top 3: Leah Marlene

Leah Marlene American Idol 2022

Marlene has a light tone and airy vocals that are quite rare and attracts the listeners within no time. She is a deserving candidate for the winner’s trophy of American idol season 5, and now she is among the top three contestants of the reality show.

American Idol 2022 Winner Prediction

This season was full of entertainment and, ups and downs. Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, were both strict and fun depending on the situation and we loved to hear amazing music and talent. However, hunter girl Noah Thompson and Leah Marlene have managed to top 3.

Prediction is always probable, especially when it comes to predicting a reality show this big. We can say that Hunter Girl has a great chance to win this season. She has won one of the only three Platinum Tickets given out this year.

On the other hand, she has never disappointed the judges and the audience with her performance. Even her performance on “I See the Light” had left everyone open-mouthed. If she wins the show, she will be the second female artist in the country to win after Carrie Underwood. She has already made a big fan base and her fan following is something huge. So, we can say that she has quite a high chance of winning this competition this year.

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