American Horror Story: Double Feature – Cast, Where to Watch Online and Review

The American horror story is now back again with season 10 to entertain all of us. American Horror Story: Double features is now released in 2 parts, unlike previous seasons. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are back again now with much more horrific and mind-blowing scenes in season 10. Season 10 was first released on August 25, 2021. Keep reading to know how to watch this online and for all other details and updates. Keep waiting for new episodes every Wednesday at 10 pm ET/PT.

American Horror Story: Double Feature Cast

1. Harry Gardner

Harry Gardner’s role is played by Finn Wittrock in the movie. He is an author who moves to a new home in Massachusetts at the beginning of the episode to explore and expand his creativity.

2. Doris

Doris is played by Lily Rabe in the movie. She is the wife of Doris and also pregnant with a second baby. She moves to Masachuchetts along with Harry.

3. Alma

Alma’s character is played by Ryan Kiera Armstrong. She is the daughter of Harry and Doris.

4. Austin Sommers

Austin Sommers role is played by Evan Peters. He is a music writer who gives a mysterious pill to Harry once in the bar.

5. Sarah Cunningham

Frances Conroy plays the role of Sarah Cunnigham in the movie. She is a novelist who also meets Harry in the bar.

6. Tuberculosis Karen

Tuberculosis Karen’s role is played by Sara Paulson. She is one of the horror characters.

7. Unhygienic Mickey

Macaulay Culkin plays the role of Mickey. He makes an appearance as a horror character.

8. Chemist

Angelica Rose plays the character of a chemist in the movie.

9. Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman is played by Ursula, who is a crafty agent.

10. Lark Feldman

Billie Lourd plays the role of Lark, who is a tattoo artist and body modifier. Harry gets a new set of teeth in one of the episodes because of her.

All these are some of the most important characters of season 10.

American Horror Story: Double Feature – How to Watch Online

You can watch American Horror movie: Double feature on,

  • Hulu live TV($54.99 monthly)
  • Youtube TV( $65 monthly after 7-day free trial)
  • AT&T TV now ($69.99 monthly)
  • Sling TV ($35 monthly)
  • Fubo TV ( $54.99 monthly)
  • You can watch it on Disney+ and Foxtel if you live outside of America

These are all the online platforms to view American Horror Movies: Double feature. Subscribe to any one of the platforms if you don’t wanna miss this amazing TV series.

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