American Detective Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Review, IMDb Rating – Everything we Know so Far

Exclusive! Country’s most experienced and successful homicide detectives is on the way to solving the true stories of grit and tenacity once again. The series follows Lt. Joe Kenda as he investigates various crimes in Los Angeles. The first two seasons were well-received, with critics praising the show’s writing and performances.

It’s not yet known what case Kenda will be solving in the third season, but fans can expect more of the same high-quality detective work they’ve expected from the show.

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We have dug up some interesting facts about the upcoming season of American Detective. Keep reading!

American Detective Season 3 Release Date

The third season of American Detective is set to premiere on July 6th at 10/9C on ID. The show will have 6 episodes and be available to stream on Discovery+.

American Detective Plot and Review

Well! No episodes have been released for Season 3, but as per previous experience and bang, we can expect a new high episode. Joe is always entertaining with his facial expressions and a narrative voice that adds interest and excitement to the homicide story. In an interview, Joe said, “Murder is a horrible crime”. But there are some murders that display a level of evil and a level of depravity that is rarely seen. And this crime is one of those.”

In the Season 3 Pilot episode, ‘Body Parts’, two women residing in Greenville, South Carolina, make horrifying discoveries by getting threats and trash bags filled with human parts on their doorstep. Det Flavell is called to solve the mystery, and it seems its most terrifying and senseless crime to solve.

If you are fond of crime dramas, then American Detective is definitely worth checking out. Even if you’re not, the show is still worth a watch. It’s one of the best Discovery+ Originals out there, and you won’t be disappointed. The show has been rated 9.3 on IMDB.

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