AGT Semi-Final Week 2 Performances and Judges Review

America’s Got Talent had one of the most exciting semi-finals on 7th September 2021 with the remaining 11 contestants performing on the stage with Cowell, Vergara, Klum and Mandel on the judges panel. Here is the list of contestants who moved to AGT Finals from Week 1. Lets take at the AGT Semi-Final performances in order,

Semi-FinalistAGT Semi-Final Week 2 Performances
1aChordEvery Breath You Take and I’ll be watching you every single moment
Brooke SimpsonShe sung “Bad Habits” and her performance was Flawless
ChapKidzPrecisive and synchronized moves. All the judges think they should be moving to the AGT Finals
Josh BlueJudges think this is the year of Josh Blue and he should be in the AGT 2021 Finals
Kabir SinghThe act today did not come out as expected and we believe he will be eliminated
Léa KyleThe best quick change artist on AGT ever. We believe she is definitely in the finals
Northwell Nurse ChoirThe performance was liked by all the judges but lets see what happens
Peter AntoniouUsing his psychic powers, he was describing what all photos judges had
RialcrisThe act in two words “dangerous and contemporary”
UniCircle FlowJudges loved the act which had new tricks and new music to it
Victory BrinkerJudges highly impressed with the performance and Howie believes she could win it all

Out of the 11 contestants, only 5 will move to the Grand Finals of the AGT 2021. Its time, that you pick up your devices and start voting for the AGT 2021 contestants to make them move to the Finals.

Whose your favorite, let us know through comments.

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