AGT 2021 Golden Buzzer Performances in Order and who amongst those are in Semi-Finals

We all love the emotional Golden Buzzer moments of America’s Got Talent when one of the judges or host is impressed by the performance and press the Golden Buzzer. A contestant who receives Golden Buzzer is moved directly to the live shows. Each of the judges and hosts can press Golden Buzzer once in each season and during the initial audition period. The Golden Buzzer was introduced in Season 9, and viewers just love it. Five out of six AGT winners were Golden Buzzers since its introduction.

America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzers of Season 16

Howie Mandel’s AGT 2021 Golden Buzzer

During the season premiere, Northwell Health Nurse Choir received a golden buzzer from Howie Mandel.

The choir that performed “Lean on Me” is composed of 18 nurses that belong to 10 Northwell Health hospitals and medical centers of New York. What makes them unique and special is that all the choir members are frontline nurses and are not professional singers.

Simon Cowell’s AGT 2021 Golden Buzzer

During week 2, Nightbirde, whose real name is Jane Marczewski, received a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell. Nightbirde performed her original song, “It’s OK.” Her song is the story of her last year of life; she is battling cancer, she’s really not OK, and is still battling cancer in her spine, lungs, and liver. The chances of her survival are only 2%, but she is upbeat about it, and she said, “Two percent isn’t zero. Two percent is something.”

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Terry Crews’ AGT 2021 Golden Buzzer

During week three, Terry Crews pushed the golden buzzer for the World Tae Kwan Do Demonstration Team. He was so impressed by the performance that he sent the team to the live shows. The World Tae Kwan Do demonstration team has members from around the world, including the U.S. and South Korea.

Sofia Vergara’s AGT 2021 Golden Buzzer

Sofia pushed the golden buzzer to send 30-year-old Jimmie Herrod from Portland, Oregon, to the live shows. He performed the song “Tomorrow” by Annie. Simon Cowell hates this song, and he asked Jimmie to perform another, but he didn’t have another song prepared, and he had to take the risk. He was lucky enough to win over Sofia and received a golden buzzer for his performance.

Heidi Klum’s AGT 2021 Golden Buzzer

Heidi Klum pushed her golden buzzer to send 25-year-old, quick-change artist Lea Kyle to the live shows. Lea Kyle is from Bordeaux, France. Heidi said, “You were doing magic on the stage; it was amazing. You know how much I love fashion. I feel like we have never had anyone as good as you, so I want you to go straight to the live shows.”

Group Golden Buzzer

The final golden buzzer for the season was given out to the 9-year-old Victory Brinker. He performed really great that Simon Cowell came up with something never done before on the show. All the four judges and hosts pushed the golden buzzer together and named it Group Golden Buzzer.

Who Qualified for the Semifinals?

To date, all the Golden Buzzers of AGT season 16 have qualified for the semifinals. Northwell Health Nurses Choir (Howie), Jimmie Harrod (Sofia), Lea Kyle (Heidi), World Tae Kwando Demo Team (Terry), and Victory Brinker (Group Golden Buzzer) are into the semifinals. However, Nightbirde, who received Golden Buzzer by Simon Cowell, had to leave the competition due to her health issues.

The track record of Golden Buzzers since its introduction is outstanding. The only time when Golden Buzzer holder wasn’t a winner was in Season 13.

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