777 Charlie Movie Box Office Collection, Review, Story and Cast

The Kannada movie ‘777 Charlie’ got huge applause from the audience for its unique and exciting storyline that got released on 10th June. Directed by Kiranraj K., the movie garnered the attention of kids who were seen holding their parent’s hands outside the theaters, and this was lacking in movies like RRR, KGF 2, etc. The film showcases the bond between a dog and a lonely factory worker who starts living his life after meeting a dog.

You might be surfing on internet to unearth all about this exciting dog movie. Here we have jotted down every detail from storyline to movie review. Keep scrolling!

777 Charlie Movie Box Office Collection

It’s been six days since its theatrical release, and the movie has collected around 35+ crore with an opening weekend of 20 crores. The movie was a low budget and was produced in 15 crores, whose breakdown is 10 crores in production and 5 crores in marketing and advertisement. It is estimated that on the second weekend the figure will reach somewhere around 39 crores.

The movie became a successful hit due to delivering a heart-warming message to humans about animal cruelty!

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777 Charlie Cast: Who are in?

The cast list includes:

  • Rakshit Shetty as Dharma
  • Charlie as Charlie / Keaton, a Labrador Retriever dog
  • Raj B. Shetty as Dr. Ashwin Kumar
  • Bobby Simha as Bhamsi, a dog love
  • Sangeetha Sringeri as Devika
  • Danish Sait as Karshan Roy
  • Sharvari as Adhrika
  • Harini as Dharma’s mother
  • Siddharth Bhat as Dharma’s father
  • Salman Ahmed as Manju
  • Dhanraj Shivakumar as Vicky
  • Vijay Vikram Singh as military officer

777 Charlie Movie Story & Review

The movie successfully focuses on the emotional attachment between a dog and a worker named Dharma, who has lost his family in an accident caused due to a dog. He rarely socializes with anyone in the colony. He is lonely and watches Charli Chaplin’s shows on TV. One day when he was leaving for the factory, a dog followed him and got into an accident. He felt pity for the dog and took it to the hospital. He is advised by the doctor named Dr. Ashwin to take care of the dog until the dog’s license arrives. Later, he bonded with the dog and found she was pregnant and suffering from cancer. Her owner was cruel towards her and treated her ill. Dharma decided to fulfill Charlie’s all wish. She wanted to visit snow city, so he took her to Himachal Pradesh, where she died in the temple, leaving behind an adorable puppy, so Dharma doesn’t feel all alone once again!

Besides this, Dharma also jailed her cruel owner, which was an emotional and great tribute to Charlie. The movie gives a strong message about stopping animal cruelty and showing some love and care towards them. In the human world, we behave selfishly and forget to give mercy to animals. The movie delivers a heart-breaking message to humans that we still care only for our entertainment and profit. It’s time to stop that. The music is too interesting and uplifting emotions. Nobin Paul’s music filled an extra layer of calm and modern touch to the story. Rakshit Shetty nailed it with his extraordinary performance.

If you haven’t watched 777 Charlie, then you must do. The movie is worth enjoying!

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