Don’t Miss Out On These 7-Holiday Movies this Festive Eve

Well! The festive eve and holiday are around the corners, everyone is enjoying quality time with their family and friends. However, staying the whole day at home and being on a potato couch seems to jitter the mind and body.

Why not enjoy the best holiday movies this season with a bowl of popcorn and your loved partner beside you. Here we have listed from romance, festive to a home alone type of movies.

Before pegging down any movie, check out these 7-holiday movies that will entertain you and at the same time relax your mind.

Best Holiday Movies: Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town

The Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town narrates the story of Kris Kringle himself. These Rankin-Bass classic movies are voiced by Mickey Rooney and Fred Astaire. 

Available on – Youtube

Best Holiday Movies: Last Holiday

Before dropping the balls, just check out this movie. Queen Latifah has killed the audience with her performance. The story is about herself, who has been diagnosed with a terminal disease due to a faulty MRI machine and spent all her savings. It would be interesting to watch the full movie full and figure out what comes next? 

Available on– Amazon and Apple

Best Holiday Movies: The Night Before

This movie calls to be on your holiday list of movies. If you watched any Seth Rogen movie, you would expect some messiness, so is that in this movie also. But, it’s a perfect story for those guys who just refused to grow up and wanted Santa to stop at their homes. In this movie, the grown-ups were seen reminded about the reality of Christmas and no Santa is bringing gifts for them. It would be interesting and at the same time can be co-related with your situation too. So, don’t forget to watch “The Night Before” this Christmas Eve. 

Available on – Amazon and Apple

Best Holiday Movies: Just Friends

This is the perfect story to watch with your loved one holding hands. Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart will be seen as old high school friends in the character of Jamie and Chris. Chris loves Jamie, but she wanted to be in a friend zone kind of status. It would be exciting to watch Chris, who returned after ten years, to win Jamie’s love. 

Available on – Netflix, and Amazon

Best Holiday Movies: The Holiday

What would happen if you get disappointed with your love partners? Well! This movie is all about two women (played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz) who were unhappy with their romantic life living in London and Los Angeles, respectively. The twists and adventure come to their life when they swap their apartments over the holidays.  

If you are someone who loves romance, twists and adventure, go and check out this movie. 

Available on – Amazon, and Apple 

Best Holiday Movies: Happiest Season 

If you want to watch a new type of Christmas, then add it to your list. The movie shows two different worlds, first that you know and second the complex world that you see while hanging out with your family during your holidays. A world that seems familiar and aspirational. 

Available on – HULU

Best Holiday Movies: The Polar Express

For those who love to watch the most hyper-realistic movie and enjoy seeing Tom Hanks in a bodysuit. This classic tale of Christmas Eve shows the journey of Hank to the North Pole with polar bears. This animated movie can make you feel like you are in motion. 

Available on – Amazon and Apple

Add up these movies to your list to watch and enjoy with butter popcorns this holiday! 

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