10 Best Christmas Movies of all time

The festive season of Christmas is all around the corner and people are extremely happy for this. The world gets lit up completely every year with Christmas. The atmosphere of the place becomes warm and is cheery throughout. When the Christmas tree was being put up, you will see stars twinkling lights and so much. There are a lot of opportunities to spend quality time with your family. What else could be more exciting than watching movies along with your family. You can cherish on a list of movies of Christmas during the war-fuzzy night with your family. Right from mystery to murder, from comedy to rom-com, Christmas was the season of all.

Best Christmas MoviesA Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

The name itself suggests what crazy a movie it has got to be. The movie is a complete madness of adventure of two friends. It is sure to get your stomach paining will your laughter. It won’t be wrong to say that you will be rolling on the floor laughing with the movie. The stoner buddies, John Cho and Kal Penn get themselves stuck in the night of adventure. The movie is sure to be one of the best of the duo.

Best Christmas Movies: A Christmas Tale

The French auteur, Arnaud Desplechin took their time to create a spellbinding portrait of familial dysfunction. It is a crazy tale and a fun take on the movie. Although there’s so much of problem and dysfunction in the family, the movie brings towards a sign of reconciliation and togetherness. The 2008 movie is a heart-soothing take of reunion during the time of Christmas. The heart-warming tale will get you crying once you know that the other half is dying of leukemia.

Best Christmas Movies: A Christmas Prince

Undoubtedly, Netflix has become a favorite among everyone. Moreover, the Netflix is one of the best things to binge on. The original movies and series of Netflix always gets our heart. But, if you’re looking out for an original movie of Netflix, you can surely watch A Christmas Prince. Soon, the movie is set to get a sequel. Since the movie released last year in 2017, we may be expecting that the sequel will be coming out this year. And if this is true, no one more than the fans can be extremely happy.

Best Christmas Movie to watch

Best Christmas Movies: Black Christmas

Dark? Edgy? As though the name sounds edgy the Black Christmas is a total gem of 1974. The movie is by Bob Clark and the stars of the movie include Margot Kidder, Keir Dullea and John Saxon. It has slashed out all the modern movies. The movie is a clear depiction of the other girls who have become a target of the mysterious, psycho killer. You can enjoy the movie on iMDb and iTunes.

Best Christmas Movies: The Polar Express

Why just binge on normal movies? There are a list of animated movies you can be enjoying. One such movie to set you up with the complete Christmas mood is The Polar Express. The movie has fun adventure, craziness, and at last, the essence of Christmas. It depicts the journey of a young guy along with some strangers who later on become his friends, to North Pole. There they get a chance to meet Father Christmas.

Best Christmas Movies: Elf

Elves are extremely lovable characters. Elf is one such movie that is to take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. It brings out the strong emotions of togetherness and friendliness. Santa raises an orphan clown in his North Pole along with the other elves. However, eventually all of them set out on a journey to find his biological father. James Caan plays the role of a crazy, rather cynical book publisher from New York and the orphan’s father. The movie is a crazy fantasy taking you on a journey of love. 

Best Christmas Movies: A Christmas Carol

This movie undoubtedly is a treat for the Literature lovers. If you’ve read Dickens, you know the importance of this. But of all the times, this movie adaption happens to be the best of all among many. This 1951 movie is a sheer one that you can relish during the Christmas eve. The movie is the story of ghosts of all the times of Christmas visiting the naughty miser Ebenezer Scrooge. Past, present and future combine to bring out the best.

Best Christmas Movies: The Muppet Christmas Carol

Again Dickens comes to the scene to win the hearts of people. The movie is no less than a crazy blend of heartfelt love and craziness. This movie is the musical adaptation of Dickens which makes it a little more special. You are sure to be glued to your screens will this movie. It will bring in a lot of memories when you decide to relish on these movies with your close ones.

Best Christmas Movies: Home Alone

Director Chris Columbus and writer John Hughes, teamed up to create a magic on screen with Home Alone. The movie is one of the greatest reminiscence of our childhood days. Macaulay Culkin has now become a heartthrob but was once the cute child who fought the two dimwit thieves. Culkin is forced to stay back at home since his family forgets to take him out.  This enduring tale of Christmas is one to look forward to in a cozy Christmas night.

A cup of hot coffee, the perfect movie and the Christmas mood will never be a turn off. These were just a couple of all the right Christmas movies. You have the entire day, so you can just pick up your list and enjoy as much as you can.

Best Christmas Movies: Batman Returns

Although Batman Returns doesn’t seem like to be a Christmas movie, it is exactly the one for the festive season. This action movie is the perfect for all the holiday seasons, so you can binge on it. Also, who isn’t a fan of DC, and that too Batman which is an absolute treat. The movie is very much similar to the Gothic Christmas take of The Night Before Christmas. Being a Tim Burton movie, it has not allowed anyone to get off their seats since it has got everyone so excited.

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