New Ten Rupee Note issued by RBI

Post demonetisation of 8th November, 2016 Indian government has been introducing new notes. These notes are colourful and yet have some secret yet essential features. The introduction of colourful notes started with the Rs 2000 note. Since then, Rs 500 and Rs 200 colourful notes have been introduced too.

With the advent of 2018, the government is yet ready again to welcome the new 10 rupee note. And it is all set to make its debut in chocolate brown colour. According to the Central bank, the new 10 rupee note will belong to the new Mahatma Gandhi series and will also bear a signature from Reserve Bank of India’s Governor, Dr Urjit R. Patel.

The Ten Rupee Note

The introduction of the new 10 rupee note was officially announced by RBI’s governor. The note will be of chocolate brown colour. In the two different sides of the notes, there will be a depiction of India’s rich cultural heritage. One side of the note will bear a motif of Sun Temple while on the reverse side there will Konark temple.

According to RBI, geometric patterns based on the colour scheme would be available on both, the obverse and reverse side of the note. RBI also added that the earlier series of 10 rupee note will also be considered as legal tender and will continue to function.

Ten facts about the Ten rupee note

    • The dimensions of the new 10 rupee note will be 63mm*123mm.
    • The person will also be able to see through the denominational number 10, registered on the front side of the note in the new notes.
    • The number १० will be present on the front side of the note, in Devanagari script.
    • The centre part of the front side of the note will bear a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. In micro letter, “RBI”, “INDIA”, “भारत” and “10” will also be written on the front side of new note.
    • Apart from Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait, there will also be Ashoka Pillar emblem and electrotype watermarks of “10” on the front side. The Ashoka Pillar Emblem will be on the right side to the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.
    • On the bottom right side and top left side, the numerical panel of numbers depicted on the front side will grow from small to big.
    • The year of production of the notes will also be inscribed on the back of the note.
    • The back side of the note will also feature the Swachch Bharat slogan.
    • According to RBI, on the front side of the note there will be demetalised security thread with “RBI” and “भारत” The guarantee clause and RBI Governor’s signature will also be present on the right side to Gandhi’s portrait.
    • On the back side, Konark and Sun temple will be depicted. It will also feature the language panel with 10 written in Devanagari script.

The old 10 rupee note would continue to be in circulation. RBI would soon be launching these 10 rupee notes. All the new notes would be put into circulation through RBI, various banks and its branches. With every colourful note that has taken up the market, it would be interesting to see how this note does.


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