20 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Business has always been one of the most efficient option for people in India. But the most significant question is which business can you start at a low investment that can bring you great returns. When you tend to search online, you will get lost amidst the chaos of information. One of the respective and efficient motive of all the people who become entrepreneurs is to get profit. Nonetheless, to get the most of benefits, you will have to have a proper business idea. This will not only help you to get enough money but fame too.

A big and right decision can be of great help to move towards success. If you have been aspiring to become an entrepreneur, you can follow the ideas mentioned below and achieve your dream.

Small Business Ideas: Social media services

Social media is everywhere in today’s generation around India. If you check out any of the events, the various members of the social media have been advertising them or sponsoring them. Social media helps to take online marketing and advertising the to a new level. Most of the famous brands have their social media accounts through which they interact with people. The introduction of various social media apps have been helping to grow. One of the social media platform you can try is Facebook. It has a global reach. Once you have an unique idea with relative application, you will be able to reach out more to people. You just need to be better than others.

hosting service business ideaDomain and Hosting services

Blogging has become an important part of everyone’s life. It is because you can get most of the information through the blogs. If you want your business to grow, you will need to have a proper blog. But, the most important aspect for blogging is domain and Hosting service. The hosting services are rapidly growing into the industry. They are further having a positive impacts on the blogs and other business. While there are various online hosting and domain services, you can start a business of your own too.

SEO consultant

If you want to be a successful blogger you will need to rank higher in the search engine. However, to rank higher in the search engine results, you will need to understand SEO. The search engine results are usually depending upon the SEO. Thus, an SEO consultant can efficiently help to understand the functioning of SEO. Many successful bloggers these days are paying a great amount to the SEO consultants so that they can optimize their website accordingly. That would further help them to rank higher.

Small Business Ideas: Freelancer

Will the advancement of time, the Freelancers are coming into the market. If you have expertise in any particular field you can move forward and become a Freelancer. This will allow you to work on any project of your choice. Also, the benefit is that you won’t need to stick to any particular project and can work on as much as you want. For this you can use the multiple sources to get the job. Some of the prominent jobs you can take up as a Freelancer include photographer, video editor, illustrator, writer, music composer and more. 

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Small Business Ideas: Career guidance

Peer pressure is growing day by day and the education field is expanding day by day. Since there are so many career options, the kids and students usually get confused about what to choose. Thus, they tend to turn to the professionals to get the advice. As a result, you can gather the different counselors and professionals through which you can conduct the career guidance and consultation program. Also, you can charge the normal fees. You can carry this out both online as well as offline, this make your business grow.

Small Business Ideas: Bakery Shop

Bakery is one of the ideal businesses that is growing from day to day in India. You can try out the different edible items and turn out to be a great business. In small investments and proper skills, you can carry out all your business efficiently. Items such as cream cakes, snacks, are all in high demand. Since you will get high returns and profits, it is better if you start up a bakery shop.

event management business ideaSmall Business Ideas: Event Management

Although event management sounds to be a great business, you can try with proper knowledge and proper skills. You can contact with the different corporate agencies and wedding ceremonies and help them to plan the weddings. It can be a great place to show your creativity and talent. Also, in a very small and effective way you will be able to organize the whole event. Your business will expand day by day and thus, you will get to earn a significant amount of money. Therefore, event management can turn out to be a great way of earning money.

Small Business Ideas: Fitness Instructor

If you have a sound knowledge of fitness, you can try to become a fitness instructor. Also, you can become a trainer for someone personally. You can either help people bulk up or lose their weight. It can be a great idea for starting up a business. The fitness industry is expanding day by day. You will need to have proper knowledge with proper research and planning. The fitness industry can help you to grow your business from small to a large one. As an entrepreneur, you will need to have sound knowledge regarding fitness. With sufficient investment you can grow your business.

small business ideas interior designSmall Business Ideas: Interior Designing

People who are have been knowledge about art, home design and all can try their hands at interior designing. Irrespective of your age, you can start up the interior designing business. Also, your business can kickstart at a great rate if you have a degree. This will help you to become a successful interior designer. You will need to invest some amount but the returns will be great. You can consider this to be your full-time business.

Real estate consultant

You should be aware that you can earn a lot of money if you become one reliable consultant or adviser. However, this will hold more beneficial when you become an efficient real estate consultant. In this case, you will be able to charge high commission and if the similar kind of property is maintained you will be able to get high returns.

Human Resource Management

Labour force and management is available extensively in India, therefore the demand for Human Resource Management is pretty much high. As a human resource manager, you will need to recruit the labors and manage the work among the people. You can also help to allot the people into the right job. You can effectively establish one human recruitment firm for your own and then recruit the labors for other people. You can refer a person to another client who can do all the jobs as per their requirement.

small scale business ideaFranchise Store

You can take up any franchise from any well-known brand and allow your business to flourish. However, you can also choose to launch a website and application. In these you can promote your franchise website that will make it easy for the people to purchase the things. If you carry out your franchise business in the proper way, you will be able to grow your business from small to big. Also, you can make it famous in the national level too. One of the best ways through which you can expand your business at a fast rate is Fashion, Lifestyle and Clothing. You will need to pay a certain amount and then get the franchise.

Small Business Ideas: Travel Agency

India has a vast area with several attraction tourist spots. People from all around the world have been visiting the country all around the year. It is for this reason that the travel agency business is a great business in India. All you will need to have is some sound knowledge regarding India’s geography. Apart from it, you can follow and keep a track of the famous historical spots and the rich culture. Through this you can plan your trip accordingly. Over the past few years, the travel industry has been expanding so you can join it.

Small Business Ideas: Tutoring

Tutoring is one of those business options that never goes out of style. There are several examples around you where you might see tutoring being a successful start-up. If you have been having a little zeal and enthusiasm to teach kids, you can start with a small group of students. In India, if your students are getting more marks and better results, you will immediately draw a the attention to yourself. More and more students will join you. There are many people who earn in Lakhs on a monthly basis just by tutoring.

Garment shop

Garment business is one of those business which will never go out of fashion/trend. This is one of those businesses which has been constantly increasing since the old times. Also, the profits are pretty high if you have good quality clothes. You can also start an online website to increase your reach to the audience.

Small Business Ideas: Blogging

Blogging may prove to be one of the most successful start-up if you follow all the rules. The key to becoming a successful blogger is to be consistent in your website. If you have a passion for writing you can begin your blog. Fashion blogs are pretty much in trend these days. You can keep the people updated about places, latest tech releases, fashion tips and more through your blogs. The two ways of earning money is through Google Ads and Brand deals. Either ways you will be getting a handful of money.

Small Business Ideas: Translation services

Internet has played a great role in shortening the gap between people. It has made it easy for influencers and audience to connect. To ease the people, you can begin your translation services. Will the need of translation increasing, you can start your translation services businesses too. Nowadays many international brands are looking for translation services who can promote their services in a language that is known to the people. Will very small investment, you can start a great business.

Small Business Ideas: Ice-cream shop

Ice-cream never goes out of trend. Every time, with a little bit of creativity, the different flavours have been coming up. You can choose to start a small Ice-cream business and then with proper creativity grow it. There are various Ice-cream brands in India which have become big brands today while they initially were small brands.

Cyber Security

The aspect of cyber security services have been ranking high in India since a past few years. This is because the risk of being bullied and threatened through the online world has been increasing. Many people often complain about hacking, online theft. Therefore the multinational companies have been looking for IT and Cyber security firms who can solve their problems. If you have proper knowledge in the IT and Cyber sector you can choose to join this. However, one of the most significant aspects is that you will need to become a reputable company if you want multinational deals.


Although not many may think of it but pre-schooling can be one effective way of business options. If you can introduce innovative learning measures, you will be able to draw the attention of people. Nonetheless, if you have chosen to start a pre-school you should be careful of all the children. Also, you need to be extremely responsible to solve the problem.

Small Business Ideas: Advertise marketing

In this case, all you will have to do is be a little creative. You can offer sufficient right advice. Most of the times, companies rely on the advertisement marketers to promote their products. They often look for expressive and legal documents. As a company, you should carry out the marketing process and promotion really well.

If you have been considering to start a business but do not have sufficient capital, you can start some of these. Later on, you can switch as well. Nonetheless, if you stay loyal and work hard, you can for sure make your business stand out than others.

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