US and Israel quit UNESCO, says bias is the reason

The government of US and Israel have finally decided to quit the UNESCO organisation. The countries gave up the Educational, Scientific and cultural organization of UN at midnight claiming the agency to be biased. The process for quitting had began a year ago stating that the organization encourages the feeling of anti-Israel bias.

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Although it was a structural process, the withdrawal of US from the agency came as a big hit to the agency. This is because the US was one of the major members for co-founding the organization after the World War II. UN was set up as a mutual decision among the countries to give way to peace.

US and Israel quit UNESCO: The Withdrawal

The notice to withdraw from the organization was given in October 2017 by the American president Trump. However, following the decision of America, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also called for quit.

Many critics have often taken a stand against the Paris-based UNESCO. This is because the people believe organization fosters anti-Israel bias. It had criticized Israel occupying East Jerusalem and renaming all the ancient Jewish heritage as the Palestinian heritage sites. It further offered complete membership to Palestine back in 2011.

Talking of the quit, UN Israeli envoy Danny Danon on Tuesday added that his country, “will not be a member of an organization whose goal is to deliberately act against us, and that has become a tool manipulated by Israel’s enemies.”

UNESCO is popular among everyone as the efficient organization for protecting the world Heritage sites. The World Heritage Program by UNESCO preserves all the major sites of the world. Apart from that it also works towards promoting the rights of girls and understanding the horrors of Holocaust. US had asked to bring in some fundamental changes in the organization.

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US and Israel quit UNESCO: Unpaid dues

As far as impact on UNESCO is concerned, the withdrawal may not have much of negative impact. Back in 2011 when Palestine was adopted as a member state, US and Israel had stopped paying. Thus the unpaid dues from US side is about $600 million while that of Israel stands at $10 million.

The Director General of UNESCO Audrey Azoulay also took up the post after the withdrawal announcement of trump. Azoulay had launched an educational website (the first for UN) directing to fighting against anti-Semitism.

Officials state that the reasons given by US for withdrawal aren’t applicable anymore because since then the 12 texts of the Middle East passed by UNESCO has been regarded to be consensual among the Arab member states and Israel.

US and Israel quit UNESCO: Dissatisfaction of Israel

The current resolutions passed by UNESCO aren’t satisfactory for Israel. This is because it brings down the connection of the country to that of the Holy land and it has renamed all the ancient Jewish sites to be the Heritage Site of Palestine.

US and Israel quit UNESCO: Not the first for US

Although US has withdrawn it may continue to be the non-member observer state. It is not the first time that US withdrew from the agency. Back in 1984 too the government had withdrawn claiming the agency to be corrupt and promote the Soviet interests. However, it did join the agency back in 2003.

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