257 dead due to the military plane crash near Boufarik

257 people died due to a military plane crash close to the Boufarik airbase outside the capital of Algeria, Algiers as reported by the Algerian state television. They also reported that the plane was carrying soldiers when it crashed after take-off. The plane was named Ilyushin II-76.

Boufarik Plane Crash

The Military Plane Crash

The Algerian defence ministry reported that 247 passengers and 10 crew members were found dead after the plane crash. Ennahar TV said that 26 people of them were members of Polisario Front, West Sahara’s separatist movement. Morocco claims the territory. The cause for the crash is yet not found and investigation has been started to find out the cause.

The defence ministries also expressed their grief and condolences towards the families of the dead, while the government observed a minute of silence. As per the statement of a cabinet, “In this painful ordeal, the government members offer their deepest condolences to families of the victims.”

As per a local news website, the plane was moving towards Bechar, the western Algerian city. Several images were posted on their local website which showed thick smoke coming out from the area of crash as the people came running down to help.

History of the Plane Boufarik Plane Crash 2018Crash

Since 2003, the air crash is considered to be worst in Algeria. Back in 2003, an Air Algerie jet had crashed after it took off from Tamanrasset and led to the death of 102 people. Again in 2014, about 70 military personnel died and their family members too after the C-130 plane crash of Djebel Fertas mountain, before landing into the northern city of Constantine.

Back in 2012 December, two military jets also collided mid-air while they were on a routine training operations close to Tlemcen, in Algeria’s northwest and the pilots of both the planes were found dead.

A month before also one of the planes crashed in South of France. It was a twin-turboprop CASA C-295 military transport aircraft. It was carrying cargo of paper for printing banknotes in Algeria. There were five soldiers in the plane, and also a representative from the Nigerian Central Bank. Out of all, no one survived the crash.

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